Slowhand in Leftist Cross Hairs

by: Brent Smith

Almost no one is cooler than Eric Clapton. But even that doesn’t seem to matter to the cancel culture extreme left.

No one is above attack if they dare to stand against the latest leftist crisis-du-jour.

But Eric Clapton and quirky crooner Van Morrison are releasing at least one anti-COVID lock-down song and the mob just won’t have it. How dare they not accept whatever forced lock-down our government overlords demand. read more

Video Podcast – No One is Talking About Bailouts

State and City bailouts. Oh they’re coming baby. I guarantee it.

And no one is talking about it. Until now. Unfortunately, it may already be too late.

James Carville, in 1992, during the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton vs. George H W Bush famously coined the phrase, “It’s the economy stupid.” He was Clinton’s chief campaign advisor.

What’s that mean?

It means in every election cycle, people vote their pocket book or vote with their wallet? read more