Conservatives to Republicans: Follow Us or Fold Up Your Big Tent

by: the Common Constitutionalist


How many times have we heard this line of crap: Republicans need to broaden their base. We need to be the party of the “Big Tent”. Are you as sick of hearing that as I?


And from whom do we constantly hear it? It’s always the same crowd; the moderates, the RINOs, the aisle crossers.


Oh, and we also it hear from the Democrats. Have you ever noticed how often the dems offer Republicans advice on how to win elections? It’s mighty decent of them to wish us to be more competitive. Makes no sense, does it? It would be like Tom Brady telling the New York Jets defense: “Look, my shoulder aches a little today, so don’t worry about me throwing the football long. Just concentrate on defending the short stuff and you’ll beat us.” Yes, that will ever happen. Brady is as concerned with the Jets winning as the Democrats are about us.


Yet our wizards of smart, from politicians to “conservative” pundits to Republican consultants, all fall for it, year after year.


And why? I contend that they have no other strategy. They don’t know what else to do. And if one was to give it some thought, you’d realize the “Big Tent” goal is unattainable. There will always be some group left out of the “Big Tent”.


It’s similar to the lefties dream of a socialist utopia. They’ll say: “We just haven’t spent enough to achieve the goal”. Well, there’s not enough money on the planet to “achieve the goal”. But they’ll keep insisting that is the only problem with the idea.


No real conservative has any problem with the Big Tent theory. We welcome everyone. We’re just not willing to prostitute ourselves or water down our values just to get more voters into the tent. But some certainly are. That’s precisely why the Rubio’s and Ryan’s have spearheaded the immigration bill debacle. They don’t know what else to do. They appear to rely on the advice of our idiot consultants, who are really glorified bookies. Win or lose, they get paid. What a racket.


Just a couple of weeks ago Rand Paul said: “We need to have a bigger, broader and more appealing message.” That sounds good, but he also said: “I think things like liberty, things like your privacy, things like defending the Fourth Amendment, I think they are important things and they can help us grow the party.”


Huh? How many people even know what the Fourth Amendment says? Not many. Now watch a 1984 Reagan campaign commercial:



There you go. Big, broad ideas; dealing with emotions, with few statistics. That will fill the tent. Not some lecture on the fourth amendment, as much as most may need it.


Reagan wasn’t so universally popular because of his groundbreaking policy ideas. He had a simple vision of American greatness expressed in plain English – not political doubletalk.


He built it and they did come. Reagan’s American “Field of Dreams” can be replicated. We just need to support the right people – jettison the moderates and consultants and as in Reagan’s commercial, take our vision directly to the people.

Be Kinder and Gentler

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Yes, we must be kinder, gentler and more compassionate. In other words, stop being so consistently conservative for we all know conservatives are cold, mean and heartless.

The inside the Beltway crowd been shouting this at Republicans for decades. Our wonderful consultants have been telling candidates and incumbents alike that they must soften, they must move to the center and learn the art of compromise.

Well, frankly I’m tired of hearing it and tired of hearing from them. I am also tired of hearing that politics is somehow different. It’s different having to win over voters to get elected. Even Rush Limbaugh constantly says that it is different for him on the radio. He says it’s easier for him because he doesn’t have to try to win votes.

Well I disagree! Most citizens live their lives as conservatives, whether they know it or not. They have regular jobs (for now), they have a home, raise their kids, pay their bills, etc. They have rules the family abides by. You know the saying “my house, my rules”. Every family, either spoken or not, has a set of core values and beliefs they live by and will not compromise away.

So why is politics so different? Well, in my opinion it is not, but somehow a perception was developed long ago that insists it is.

The consultants tell the politicians they must look a certain way. They must act a certain way and say certain things just to get elected.

I’d like to say that voters today are more sophisticated and intelligent but that would be wrong. They most certainly are not. But they/we do have access to more information than ever before, so it’s easier to catch a politician when they lie, which is often.

One thing that hasn’t changed – here we go again – human nature. While it’s true that most people/voters are not as well informed as we, most can still smell line of crap when politicians double speak.

Politics and elections are simply made to appear difficult because it keeps the consultants and powerbrokers in business. Every word, every look, every phrase must be focus group tested, as if they are trying to con us into voting for their guy.

Most point to Ronald Reagan as a great president and consummate winner. Well that’s true, he was and the number one reason he was was not because of policy. It was because he was real. He wasn’t a policy wonk or a slick talking baby kisser.

He spoke as a real person. His speeches, I believe most of which he wrote himself, connected with people because they understood and could relate to him. People heard him speak and came away thinking, yeah, I believe him.

How many politicians can you say that of today? Not many I would guess.

This is why, in my opinion, Ted Cruz may be this generations Ronald Reagan. I say maybe for I know Washington could probably corrupt Christ. The Democrats and the press despise him and the Republicans hate him. It was the same for Reagan. The moderate country club Republicans couldn’t stand Reagan.

Cruz, like Reagan is overcoming them all and winning the day. He is bold and not afraid to speak the truth. And for this he is winning support of many like us.

We need more like Ted Cruz. Many more. Ones who will stop listening to the press and fire the pinheaded moderate consultants. Maybe then will more Ronald Reagans come forward with the courage to speak their mind and lead.