The Only True Diversity

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Former Pres. George W. Bush once stated: “The diversity of America has always been a great strength of this country. Here you can be proud of your cultural heritage, proud of your ancestry, proud of your native language, and still be a proud American.”

I don’t mean to single him out for many if not most politicians have said the same thing at some time and although the quote sounds great there is always something missing from these types of declarations.

We’ve heard the constant echoes of that same sentiment dribbling out of the mouths of progressives for years. It is one of the tried and true talking points of advocates that support the amnesty bill.

So what is always missing? Diversity of thought. That’s what seems to be missing, and I think purposefully, from every speech regarding diversity.

America is considered the great “melting pot” of the world. Nowhere on earth is there more cultural diversity. Yet different cultures residing in the same geographic location do not automatically equate to a melting pot.

The term melting pot was once synonymous with assimilation. It wasn’t that one had to give up their original culture to assimilate. It merely meant you were American first and whatever other culture second.

Yet we still have places like Little Havana, Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. where there is a predominant culture other than American. That’s just human nature, or for that matter, just nature. You’ll never see a giraffe joining an elephant herd.

Thus it is with those of like cultural backgrounds. It’s perfectly natural. It does enhance the American experience but that diversity does not make us great. The freedom that comes from diversity of thought is what makes America the great melting pot; independent thinkers.

However, it seems those who preach of diversity the loudest want to limit our diversity of thought. They preach diversity but expect a collective singularity.

Black Americans experience this possibly more than any other. They are expected to act, think and vote as a collective. If a black American dares to demonstrate diversity of thought or action, the collective shuns him or her.

Somehow diversity of thought has been supplanted by cultural and linguistic diversity as our source of strength.

It’s almost as if those who promote and extol the virtues of cultural diversity do so with a purpose.

As I stated, those of like cultures will congregate to form small collectives. I wonder if those who really do believe in the grand collective vision have figured out that it is easier to sway and control a singular body, to cause them to move en masse, then to control individuals of diverse thought and opinion. Control the leader of the collective and you control the collective. Yes, it sounds nefarious but it is also potentially genius. Evil genius, but nonetheless genius. It’s the difference between herding cattle and attempting to herd cats.

Of Roads and Bridges

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So recently we learned a business person can’t make it on their own (certainly not a solar business). No business owner or entrepreneur ever made it with the great collective. It was thanks to everyone elses efforts. Evidently it does take a village to build a road or a bridge or a business.

I agree with Mitt Romney,  that every entrepreneur or business owner has received at least some assistance somewhere along the way. But he never said, nor does he believe, that someone didn’t build a business through their own sweat, blood and tears.

As an aside, I never thought I’d say, “I agree with Mitt Romney”, but I find myself doing just that. Maybe Mitt has seen the conservative light at the end of the tunnel? I don’t know. What I do know is that Mitt is saying the right things. I also tend to think he may actually believe them due to the conspicuous lack of teleprompters. He appears to be speaking from the heart. One doesn’t need a teleprompter when one is being honest. Obama has shown us that on many occasions; revealing his true, radical self, when he strays from his prepared text. Sorry for the digression.

If it were as King Barack describes, we would all be business owners. But we’re not. Some don’t have the drive or passion. Some don’t wish to work all day and half the night. Some would like to have weekends off. There’s nothing at all wrong with that. We can’t all be chiefs. Every business needs Indians. Employees are needed to do the tasks the owner no longer has time to do, you know, as he grows and expands his business. That doesn’t mean the employee or the neighbor down the street had anything to do with starting the business, anymore than the road or bridge.

To hear Obama describe it, to the cheers and hoorahs of the dimwitted clones in his audiences, the city, state or federal government decide to build a road to nowhere in particular, and the entrepreneur says to himself, ” Gee, look at that road leading to nowhere special. Why don’t I put a business on that road that leads to nowhere. I will go ask the community to help me think up, finance, build and run my business on the road to nowhere in particular.”

I’m sure Henry Ford thought just that. He must have looked out over the countryside, marvelling at all the paved roads. He then said to himself, “Self; The government must have had great forthought in creating these roads and bridges. Maybe I should mass-produce automobiles to take advantage of all the tarred over government maintained former cart paths. I’ll go see President Teddy Roosevelt. He’s a progressive. Surely he will issue me a government grant to build an assembly plant. I’ll even power it by harnessing the wind and the sun. Then I will go on a listening tour of the country, to discover how to build the business, for I have no idea how to achieve success on my own.”

Yes, that’s how Ford did it. Look it up. It’s all there in the history books. 

Another thought: If a company hits a rough patch and has to lay people off  or plans to close all together, the business owner could ask the government to simply repave the road leading to it. That would certainly lead to its re-emergence. We’ll call it the “Tarmac Bailout”.

Although it happens all the time, it’s still very interesting to see everyone tie themselves into knots over a simple, honest statement. The media and Obama sycophants (one in the same), hitting the trail in lock step to attempt to explain away the genuine opinion of a collectivist.

Those of us who understand the president, would expect nothing less of a socialist.