Left Says Prepare for War

from the Daily Caller:

Washington Post Op-Ed Suggests Americans May Need To Prepare For War On Election Night If Biden Doesn’t Win In A Landslide

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A Washington Post op-ed published Thursday suggested Americans should prepare for war if the election result is anything but a landslide for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. read more

Video Podcast – Of Impeachment Lessons Learned and Warnings

by: Brent Smith

Most of us have heard and know of Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous French philosopher and political theorist and author of “Democracy in America.”

During his time in America, in the 1830s, he made a lot of observations about our country.

Here are just two:

“There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle, ” and in 1835 he said: “A decline of public morals in the United States will probably be marked by the abuse of the power of impeachment as a means of crushing political adversaries or ejecting them from office.”

And that’s we stand right now, and what I’ll be discussing. read more

Beck and O’Reilly Talk Potential for Civil War

There are a lot of people talking about the possibility of another American Civil War. Only this time is won’t be between the North and South.

However it will over slavery, of a sorts. If we end up in another civil war, God forbid, it will be between We the People and the Big Government Leftist entrenched Deep State.

A recent poll cited the top two reasons we may sink into civil war. They are over the Second Amendment, i.e., gun confiscation and a revocation of our natural right to own and bear arms – and impeachment of the President.

Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly recently discussed the possibility of Civil War and the reasons why: read more

Warrior Poets Talk Gun Confiscation and More

Former Army Ranger John Lovell and Evan Temple of the Warrior Poet Society talk about a subject that has come up quite often recently. As the democrats ramp up their hysteria over guns, more and more are calling for confiscation.

With threats like this, the conversation can quickly turn to whether or not one might voluntarily surrender his or her weapons and then to the ultimate nightmare scenario of possible civil war in America.

They offer a great perspective. Enjoy the video: read more

The Caravan Apocalypse

Guest post by John C. Velisek USN (Ret.)
for the Common Constitutionalist

The caravan of migrants continues to move toward our border. This massive mob of well-fed, well dressed, rested migrants will attempt to force their way across our border.

Progressive socialist Democrats will start whining about how these innocent migrants are so distressed, coming from countries that have treated them poorly. And celebrities will wring their hands and clutch their pearls over how poorly we are treating them.

It will not be mentioned that they are in fact economic refugees, looking for jobs and handouts to improve their lives, which is not an excuse for entering our country illegal, or even granting refugee status.

They will be here just in time for the midterms. Although the distance is far, the only time they actually walk is at the scheduled times when they know the cameras will be there. If you think about the distance already covered, you understand that they could not have possibly gotten this far without the flatbed tractor trailers and trucks that load them up and bring them closer. Mainstream media won’t mention this because it doesn’t fit the narrative that they wish to portray. read more

Sticking up for Robert E. Lee

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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Many nations around the globe know nothing but civil war – where year after year one faction is conquered or deposed by another, or a minority takes up arms against the majority, or a least the present ruling party, and this guerilla warfare often goes on for years.

We see or hear of these far away places like Africa or the Middle East, and just shake our heads at how backward and uncivilized they are.

Of course we don’t have any of those petty third world type problems here in the U.S. We wouldn’t have time for such frivolous things anyway. We’re too busy tackling the important issues of the day – like trying to completely erase our history by tearing down statues and plaques that supposedly make a very select few squeamish.

We in America will not tolerate any hurt feelings. Even if those feelings are illogical and based entirely on lies and half-truths regarding these inanimate antagonists.

The inanimate objects causing the greatest consternation are the many statues of that Confederate fiend, General Robert E. Lee. He is considered a blight on America for he was willing to not just take up arms, but lead an entire army, to defend the right to own slaves, not realizing how bad it will make pampered Americans feel over 150 years later. read more

Pro-Communist Protesters don’t Really Care about Slavery

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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There is nothing good about slavery. Owning another human being is lower than low. I would hope we can all agree.

We on the reasonable right knew that this push to expunge slave owners from American history would not end with Civil War statues, monuments and the like. We knew these radicals wouldn’t be satisfied with just Civil War era slave holders. We knew it would rapidly jump to the Founding Fathers (as it has),– the same Founders that the progressive left has been trying to erase since the days of Woodrow Wilson.

We also know that it won’t end with the slave-owning Founders. We know that this is a means to an end. If our political leadership – locally, and at the State and Federal level, continue to capitulate to, or worse, join these ill-guided rabble-rousers, the next demand will be to insist that our founding documents are, by default, illegitimate.

If Washington, Jefferson, Madison, et al, are erased, how could the documents they created live on?

The supposed protesters don’t really care about slavery. If they did, they would be forced to take a good long look at the ideology they are promoting. Communism has enslaved many millions more people than all American slave holders/traders combined. read more

Video Podcast – Something Wrong with Tillerson – Trump Must Say No to Venezuela

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Rex Tillerson’s State Department doesn’t appear to be acting much differently than his predecessor, John F. Kerry. Like Kerry, he at least appears to also have an anti-Israel bias and worse, appears to be accepting the Muslim Brotherhood as a legitimate organization.

President Trump says he has not ruled military intervention regarding what is effectively a Venezuelan civil war. If not a civil war, certainly an internal conflict with which we have no business involving ourselves. read more

My WND Exclusive – For Teachers, Ideology Trumps Intelligence

Some of the wackiest places on the planet today are American schools. Literally every day of the year I have the opportunity to write about some liberal foolishness happening on a college campus or public secondary school, should I choose. There are several excellent websites devoted to nothing but leftism in education, and they are never wanting for fresh material.

But this is to be expected in the today’s world of academia. Colleges and universities pump out radical leftist activists and send them out to pose as teachers and administrators. They are the ones who teach little Johnny and Janey that students should expect to spend their formative years, and beyond, safe from conflict and controversy – and that anyone who disrupts the physical and mental safety of the delicate flowers can and should be dealt with harshly. read more

The Death of Stonewall Jackson

Astronomers have cleared up the mystery of  how Confederate general Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson was accidentally shot and  killed by his own soldiers.

General Jackson was a major figure in the  American Civil War, a genius general and second in command to Confederate  general Robert E. Lee.

He was shot by his own troops during the  Battle of Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863, and died soon after, an incident  widely regarded as a turning point in the fight between North and  South.

Now a reconstruction of the Moon’s cycle at  the time of the friendly fire incident has explained how General Jackson’s own  troops could have mistaken him for the enemy.

That fateful night, General Jackson kept his  troops, who were fresh from a major victory against the Union’s Twelfth Corps,  fighting even as the Sun set – a rare move in that time.

But as the South’s soldiers fought on under  the moonlight, a Confederate officer on the left flank of the 18th North  Carolina regiment spotted a group of riders headed towards his  position.

It was General Jackson and his command unit.  But fearing the enemy was upon them, Major John Barry ordered his soldiers to  fire on the riders, riddling the group with bullets.

General Jackson was hit in his right wrist  and left arm, which had to be amputated, and died eight days later after  catching pneumonia.

Now astronomers say they have worked out why  Major Barry and his soldiers didn’t recognize their commanders, and it’s because  the position of the Moon meant they appeared only as silhouettes to the men in  their own lines.

Astronomer Don Olson of Texas State  University and Laurie Jasinski, a researcher and editor at the Texas State  Historical Association, used astronomical software to calculate the Moon’s  position on the night of the battle.

This map shows the positions of the Confederate (black) and Union (blue) lines during the Battle of Chancellorsville, as well as the relative position of the moon which meant the South's soldiers didn't recognise their commander 
The positions of the Confederate  (black)  and Union (blue) lines at Chancellorsville, as well as the relative position of  the moon, which meant the South’s  soldiers didn’t recognize their  commander

They also scoured historical accounts and  battle maps to work out exactly where the 18th North Carolina  regiment and  General Jackson’s party were placed at the time of the  shooting – about  9pm.

Professor Olson told SPACE.com: ‘Once we calculated the compass direction of the moon and compared that to the  detailed battle maps published by Robert Krick, it quickly  became obvious how  Stonewall Jackson would have been seen as a dark  silhouette, from the point of  view of the 18th North Carolina regiment.’

General Jackson’s death was seen as a major  blow for  the Confederacy, affecting not  only its military prospects, but also the morale of its army and of the general  public. Jackson in death became  an icon of Southern heroism and commitment,  joining Lee in the pantheon  of the ‘Lost Cause’.

Still regarded as one of U.S. history’s  greatest tacticians, historians still debate whether the outcome of the whole  Civil War might have been  altered if he had survived.

Illustration showing Stonewall Jackson with his troops at Bull Run, July 21, 1861
Illustration showing Stonewall Jackson with his troops  at Bull Run, July 21, 1861

His Valley Campaign and his  envelopment of  the Union Army right wing at Chancellorsville are studied worldwide even today  as examples of innovative and bold leadership.

He excelled as well in other battles; the  First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas) where he received his  famous nickname  ‘Stonewall’, Second Bull Run (Second Manassas),  Antietam, and Fredericksburg.

Jackson was not universally successful as a  commander, however, as displayed by his weak and confused efforts  during the  Seven Days Battles around Richmond in 1862.

He was greatly admired and respected  throughout the South, and his death had a profound effect there on civilians and  soldiers alike.

A poem penned by one of his soldiers soon  became a very popular song, ‘Stonewall Jackson’s Way’.

A stone marks the spot where Stonewall Jackson was shot Guinea, Virginia
A stone marks the spot where Stonewall Jackson was shot  Guinea, Virginia

‘We are always interested in any historical event that happened at night — very often, the moon plays an important role’, Professor Don Olson, Texas State  University

On learning of his injuries, General Lee wrote to Jackson stating:  ‘Could I have directed events, I would have chosen for the good of the country  to be disabled in your stead.’

This isn’t the first time that Professor  Olson has used astronomy to clear up other historical mysteries.

He has previously calculated the direction of  moonlight on the night of  Paul Revere’s ride to warn Colonial militia of the  advance of British  forces to explain why he wasn’t spotted by sentries on a  Royal Navy  warship.

And he did the same to explain how sailors on  Japan’s I-58 submarine were able to spot and sink the USS Indianapolis in  1945.

‘We are always interested in any historical  event that happened at night – very often, the moon plays an important role, as  happened here,’ he added.

Professor Olson and Mr Jasinski reported  their findings in the May 2013 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine.

A painting commemorating the last meeting between General Robert Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the two confederate leaders of the U.S. Civil War
A painting commemorating the last meeting between  General Robert Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the two confederate leaders of the  U.S. Civil War