Portable Hotel Suite

While the idea of camping may appeal to some, the reality of pitching a tent, cooking over a tiny stove and having no washing facilities can make it less attractive.

A Spanish design company has come up with an innovative solution for people who enjoy being a part of nature while staying in total comfort.

Drop box is a portable hotel suite that can be installed in natural locations offering a cosy, micro bolthole away from the elements wherever you pitch up.

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Hanging Tent – No More Bugs!

The TreePod Camper will hit the market in April
The TreePod Camper will hit the market in April

A trend we’ve noticed while touring various trade shows around the US and Europe over the past few years is the hanging hammock pod. Part hammock-chair and part fabric treehouse, these pods are available from a number of different brands, bringing a bit of suspended relaxation to the trees. TreePod is one such brand and, much like the Cacoon, its hanging shelters have served as fun, simple children’s treehouses. It’s now launching a version for adults, a suspended camping tent that suspends two campers above the ground for a different perspective and experience. read more