Growing Fascism on College Campuses

by: the Common Constitutionalist

“A decade ago students were having lousy experiences on their campuses but there was not a way to let the world know,” said Shaun Harper, founder and executive director of the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Now students are beginning to understand that what they are experiencing is a national phenomenon. Social media is a tool for students to help communicate their issues,” he said.

Actually social media is a gathering place for the new agitator set to whine and cry about how they are put upon and subject to faux-abuse. And this is demonstrated every day on any number of college campuses throughout our country. And why does anyone need to “let the world know” when your little feelings get hurt?

But its not about hurt feelings or name calling. Now is about forcing real change – change driven by a tiny minority of miscreants and rabble-rousers – change the majority neither wants nor should accept. read more

Strong-Arm Dictator vs. Strong-Arm Regulation


by: the Common Constitutionalist

Last Saturday (the 9th) USA Today, or as Jay Severin calls it, Mcpaper, posted an article on the effective nationalization or government takeover of what they described as Venezuela’s equivalent to Best Buy. The chain stores name is “Daka” and has five stores located in Venezuela.


USA Today reported that the president of Venezuela, Nicholas Hussein Maduro (just kidding. I added the Hussein) ordered a military “occupation” of the stores and commanded that the company charge its customers “fair” prices.


Evidently shoppers rejoiced at the news. One customer looking for a plasma TV said, “It’s going to be so cheap”. She waited seven hours outside the Caracas store. I don’t think she was asked if she had adequate electricity to run her new TV, what with constant rolling blackouts thanks to Hugo Chavez’s nationalization of energy production and distribution.


Many believe this is just a political stunt designed to boost Maduro’s sagging poll numbers running up to their December 8 election.


As happens with such regimes that take over whole industries, shortages soon follow as it has in Venezuela. Shortages of basics such as toilet paper and milk, coupled with an inflation rate of over 54%.


USA Today reports that their currency is expected to be devalued soon after the election, which will probably then lead to hyperinflation. This will lead to much higher prices and further shortages.


Okay, so it’s Venezuela. So what? It’s not like those types of things could ever happen in America; where the government effectively sets selling prices for private companies, right? Wrongo! In fact, as is often the case, it has happened in America and history could very well repeat itself. read more

The Tale of Michelle and the Blue Eagle

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Now that Barack has won reelection, I predict it will be full speed ahead for the food police and its leader Michelle Obama.

Not that she has ever worried about potential political ramifications, but free from themichelle yoke of her husband’s reelection, the gloves will certainly come off.

The regulations regarding food and beverages imposed by the likes of New York City Mayor Michael Doomberg are just the first volley of what will surely become national regulation.

Remember, there are no new ideas, just updated, refashioned collectivist schemes.

Could we see the reemergence of the “Blue Eagle” and the NRA? No, not that NRA. I’m speaking of the National Recovery Administration (NRA) put forth by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

In his June 16, 1933 “Statement on the National Industrial Recovery Act”, or NIRA, president Roosevelt described the spirit of the NRA: “On this idea, the first part of the NIRA proposes to our industry a great spontaneous cooperation to put millions of men NRAback into regular jobs this summer.” He added, “but if all employees in each trade now band themselves faithfully in these modern guilds-without exception-and agree to act together and at once, none will be hurt and millions of workers, so long deprived of the right to earn their bread in the sweat of their labor, can raise their heads again. The challenge of this law is whether we can sink self interest and present a solid front against a common peril.”

What a lovely statement that is, filled with wonderful collectivist ideas and fascist ideology.

The NRA was symbolized by the Blue Eagle, the brainchild of a retired Army General, Hugh S Johnson, which was displayed in many store windows and on store packaging.

The Blue Eagle and NRA membership was said to be “Voluntary”, while those businesses that didn’t “volunteer”, as it were, often paid the price enduring boycotts and many did not survive.

Although the NRA was finally ruled unconstitutional in 1935, it was looked upon dreamily by progressives and, of course, intellectuals.

Historian, Clarence B Carson wrote:

At this moment in time from the early days of the New Deal, it is difficult to recapture, even in imagination, the heady enthusiasm among a goodly number of intellectuals for a government planned economy. So far as can now be told, they believed that a brightBlue Eagle new day was dawning, that national planning would result in an organically integrated economy in which everyone would joyfully work for the common good, and that American society would be freed at last from those antagonisms arising, as general Hugh Johnson put it, from “the murderous doctrine of Savage and wolfish individualism, looking to dog eat dog and devil take the hindmost”.

The NIRA and NRA were, in fact, right out of the fascist playbook and would have fit smartly in both fascist Italy and Hitler’s Germany.

Any businessman who refused to display the blue Eagle was, not surprisingly, considered to be a suspect American, one who had to be dealt with. To deal with such dissidents, pro-New Deal groups organized well-publicized economic boycotts designed to pressure these unpatriotic dissidents into getting with the program.

The NIRA declared that US industries should combine into cartels, where they would set codes for prices, wages and working conditions with which all the companies in that industry were required to comply.

They unfortunately found out, it was not so easy to control compliance.

In his book, “The Roosevelt Myth”, author John T Flynn wrote:

“The NRA was discovering it could not enforce its rules. Black markets grew up. Only the most violent police methods could procure enforcement. In Sidney Hillman’s garment industry, the code authority employed enforcement police. They roamed through the garment district like storm troopers. They could enter a man’s factory, NRA blue eagle.tifsend him out, line up his employees, subject them to minute interrogation, and take over his books on the instant. Night work was forbidden. Flying squadrons of these private coat-and-suit police went to the district at night, battering down doors with axes looking for men who were committing the crime of sewing together a pair of pants at night. But without these harsh methods many code authorities said there could be no compliance because the public was not back of it.”

So, is this what we’re in for? It worked, or more aptly put, was imposed once before.

Today’s progressives and socialists are nothing if not patient. They have learned not to try what FDR did; take a big chunk all at once.

They will poke, prod; nudging where they can, mandate with Executive Order, where they dare.

But rest assured, those currently in power would like nothing more than to resurrect a program such as this.

With banners such as “no trans fats” and required calorie counts displayed on storefronts and packaging, lawsuits being brought against fast food restaurants for making our socialismchildren fat, I wonder where it will end.

Programs such as the Blue Eagle would surely be an easier sell today, with a majority of at least younger adults buying into socialism. In the 1930s, most had a greater appreciation of capitalism.

This appears to be the natural progression of things. Just look at smoking. They’ve all but banned that nationally and I believe food is where they are headed next.

Watch for the Blue Eagle coming to a storefront near you.

Attribution: Jacob G. Hornberger