Murders Continue to Escalate in Liberal Cities

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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Cities around the country are breaking records. Oh, it’s not for job growth, graduation rates or anything hopeful like that. They’re breaking records for documented homicides and shootings.

It’s gotten so bad that cities like Baltimore, in a desperate and dimwitted attempt to slow the number, have turned to calling for ceasefires. But like every other ceasefire, as those called for on several occasions between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists or those in Syria, the city ceasefires have worked out just about as well.

However pointless warring faction ceasefires are, Baltimore’s was much worse. Between nations or factions, the two sides at least publically feint at agreeing to halt the killing.

Baltimore community leaders had called for a 72 hour ceasefire this past weekend using the hashtag #BaltimoreCeasefire on social media. They received no affirmation of cooperation from anyone. Yet this they hoped would do the trick. Twitter “virtue signaling” always does. And by always, I actually mean never. read more

Just Who Was Freddie Gray Junior?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

The upheaval in Baltimore continues. Reports are that the “protests” are going to expand to Boston and possibly nationwide. Although news reports claim that most of the violence and looting occurred as a result of “locals” it also appears as if outside agitators are either directly involved or fanning the flames of blacks versus police hatreds.

This of course stems from the death of Freddie Carlos Gray Jr., who apparently died of a spinal injury while in police custody following an arrest on drug charges.

So what do we know about this situation revolving around the death of Mr. Gray? The fact is we know virtually nothing of the circumstances of his death. As of now, there is nothing but rumors – certainly not enough to riot over.

But that never matters when a black man is the “supposed” victim. And he may very well be. I don’t know, nor does anyone else. read more