Weapon Wednesday – Japan’s Supersonic Glide Weapon


Yoshikaze Tsuno

Japan’s military, which has spent decades focused solely on self-defense, is making a new kind of weapon to deliver an explosive payload at supersonic speeds. The unconventional tech is designed to soften up enemy defenses with precision strikes before Japanese marines hit the beach, in a bid to help the country take back territory seized by potential adversaries in the future. read more

Tiny Nukes for North Korea

by: the Common Constitutionalist

On my podcast this past Sunday, I discussed our genius Secretary of State John Kerry and his effort to not only get a deal done with Iran but that he hopes a successful Iranian deal will coax North Korea to negotiate yet another nuclear nonproliferation agreement – since the last one went so well.

I guess North Korea didn’t get the memo because their leader, that pygmy, Kim Jong Un has okayed the announcement on state-controlled TV that they have successfully miniaturized nuclear weapons to the point where they may now fit them onto missiles.

It’s been known for years that North Korea possesses nuclear weapons and have detonated them three times. Once in 2006, once in 2009 and again in 2013. The nuke detonated in 2013 was said to be “smaller and lighter” than the previous two.

CNN  writes that “Fashioning a nuclear device small enough to fit on the tip of a ballistic missile is difficult. Miniaturizing a nuclear weapon is one key part of building a nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile. But the nuke has to not only be miniaturized but more rugged. The nuclear device also needs to be tough enough to be able to withstand the flight on a ballistic missile, experts say, and be housed in a “reentry vehicle” that can endure the intense heat generated by coming back into Earth’s atmosphere.”

Sky News reports that the nuclear miniaturization announcement “came two weeks after North Korea said it had launched a ballistic missile from a submarine, allowing it to fire nuclear weapons far beyond the Korean peninsula.” read more

Iran Unveils Some New Toys

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So desperate is Obama to make a deal with Iran that he is evidently willing to overlook the latest reports coming out of the terrorist nation. Or worse, maybe he already knows all this and doesn’t care. Or even worse is that he doesn’t know this and we do, and when his intelligence people try to tell him he sticks his fingers in his ears and runs around his desk yelling La-La-La.

He may wish to know that human rights abuses are ramping up as the ruthless regime under that moderate Hassan Rouhani is cracking down hard on anyone stepping out of line. The National Council for the Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a group inside Iran that is capable of delivering detailed information of the Iranian regime’s secret activities, reports that 12 people, including two women, were hung at the Qezel Hesar prison. Naturally this was not reported by their state controlled media. The NCRI is the same group that recently revealed to the world yet another Iranian “secret” nuclear site. You may read more about that here.

But hey, Obama has to look at the bigger picture. He can’t worry over a few hangings or other human rights abuses. read more