“I Believe You” Ends at the Democrats Door

Language redacted from this article by the Common Constitutionalist.

from Zero Hedge:

Dems Ignore Keith Ellison Abuse Claims Despite Actual Evidence From Female Accuser

As Democratic leaders continue to call for feds to investigate decades-old “credible” sexual harassment claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the same Democrats, with the exception of Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, continue to remain largely silent over claims by two women who have accused Six term congressman and Deputy DNC Chair Keith Ellison of physical and verbal abuse.

In August, Ellison’s former partner, Karen Monahan, accused him of verbal and physical abuse – including repeated insults, emotional manipulation, infidelity and an incident in which Ellison dragged her off a bed by her legs and told her to “get the f-out” of his house.

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Ray Rice – Sugar Daddy and the All Mighty Dollar

by: the Common Constitutionalist


So what’s been the lead story on every network, the front page of every newspaper and the most popular discussion topic on the Internet? That’s right, it’s the Ray Rice story.

In case you just got back from a deep space mission, here’s the low lights you may have missed.

Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Thugs Ravens cold cocked his then girlfriend or fiancé or whatever she was. He laid her out inside an elevator. It was brutal. Knocked her out with one punch. So we know Ray is a stand up guy.

But instead of leaving him and pressing charges, she all but excuses him, defends him and then marries him. Any bets on how long that will last or if she survives it?

I’m not excusing his behavior. In fact, he should be rotting in a cell. I am however positing that he is a product of his environment – of the increasingly depraved culture of modern American society. read more