Is Glenn Beck the Moses of the Right?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Broadcast pioneer Glenn Beck has done some risky things over the past several years. He left a cushy and high paying position at the Fox News Network. He had a vision of building a better mousetrap. No longer wanting to be encumbered by network politics and such, he left the security (and shackles) of Fox to build The Blaze, which is fast becoming a wholly independent media empire, offering all original content on Radio, TV and the internet.

Not many people would have the guts to attempt such a thing, but Beck appears to be a bit of a visionary in this regard. Now others have followed the path he has mapped, like Newsmax, PJ Media and the latest, Levin TV.

Beck predicted it would be a success and so far, he’s not wrong.

He’s also made plenty of other predictions that, through a combination of tireless research and maybe even some divine guidance, have also come true. In 1999 he told his radio audience that bin Laden would attack America. In 2004 he warned of both the housing bubble and the 2008 banking crisis. That same year he spoke of the Twelve Imam and the rise of the Mahdi in Iran. He was the only talking about it at the time.

He is the first to admit that he’s no good when it comes to timetables – just that these things will occur at some future date, barring substantial change. For this, many have just chalked him up as just that crazy, weepy, religious zealot – that Mormon. read more

Trump’s Seeming Incomprehension of State Primaries is a Big Red Flag

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Why are the Trumpists so angry at Cruz? In fact, doesn’t it seem like they are always angry at something or someone? It’s true. It’s either “lyin’ Ted,” the Washington insiders, the press, which is bit surprising considering how much free air time he is given, or whatever. It almost appears Svengali Trump has figured out that he must continually invent new villains to keep his followers amped up. This reminds me a bit of the leaders of the hard left, who must keep some form of “The Man” in perpetuity, holding down the oppressed democrat faithful, who are then told they must “struggle” against.

After Ted’s sweep of Colorado, Trump and his drones began screeching that Cruz has cheated and stole the state’s delegates. Now he is not just lyin’ Ted, but also cheatin’ Ted. As if Cruz and his people snuck in under cover of darkness, swung a gold pocket watch in front of the delegates and told them, “when I snap my fingers you will all commit to me.”

The Trump campaign, such that it is, may not like how Colorado set things up – heck I think it is stupid too, but it’s not the state – it’s the Republican State Committee – it’s the party – a private entity who set it up and they are perfectly within their rights to do so. read more

Establishment Hacks Line Up for Cruz Apology

by: the Common Constitutionalist

It’s been reported that the old guard of establishment Republicans have asked Ted Cruz to be the one to mend fences in order to garner their support. Some might rather call them the senior statesmen of the GOP. Well, they are definitely “senior,” but hardly “statesmen.”

It was first reported by CNN this past Tuesday, roughly two weeks after Senator John Cornyn called Cruz following his UUGE victory in Texas on March 1st, to broach the topic of Cruz speaking to the Senate GOP Conference for calling out Mitch McConnell as the lying sack of **** that he is.

Does anyone else find it odd that we’re just hearing about this now and that it appeared to be leaked to CNN and not some conservative journal? I’m just asking.

Could it be that they waited until Super-Duper Tuesday, wanting first to see how the candidates fared? Could one then surmise that the thinking of the establishment, to make this public, may now be that they have some leverage against Cruz to fall in line in order to win their backing and thus the nomination? This kind of thinking I would not put past them, for surely this is what any one of them would do. After one sells his or her soul, what’s a little apology. read more

Ted Cruz Versus Bernie Sanders Will Settle Things Once and for All

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Although polar opposites on every known and unknown political and social issue, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders both have one important thing in common. They are both hated by their respective party elites.

The hatred for Cruz is obvious and palpable. Everyone who follows this stuff knows. But no Democrat has come out and proclaimed enmity toward Sanders. But it must be the case. The Democrat elite are not true socialist believers. They are statists who only wish to run the American Politburo. They don’t care, as does Sanders, about the little people. They may not come out and condemn him, but believe you me, behind closed doors, they’re scrambling to try to stop him. The Democrats elites are “Feelin the Bern!”Bern

No one, me included, thought at any time the fossilized socialist hippie from Vermont had any chance of unseating Hillary Clinton. But now I’m starting to wonder. Sanders is drawing tens of thousands of supporters in stadiums across the country to hear and cheer his workers-of-the-world-unite diatribe. It’s all utopian nonsense, but he enthusiastically believes it and the woefully informed Democrat base, of which there are already far too many, believe him and trust him.

They can tell he’s not selling them a disingenuous line of crap, as the other Democrats do. He truly believes in the socialist model for America.

And unlike the Republicans, these Democrats don’t care that he has no real executive experience. After all, he doesn’t need any. He has the instruction manual for the perfect society in the writings of Marx and Engels and Thomas Friedman and Robert B Reich. read more

From Forums to Focus Groups: Trump Tops Them All

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Did you watch the candidate forum in New Hampshire? If you did, there should no longer be any question as to why Donald Trump is kicking everyone else’s butt, and he wasn’t even there.

He’s brave enough to speak his mind, without fear of consequence. He doesn’t care, or at least he doesn’t appear to care. What he says is not contrived – it’s not practiced or memorized talking points. It’s the opposite of everyone else.

All the others just sound phony. They may be much more knowledgeable – much more sincere – but no one cares. Just listen to the other candidates – all of them. Put your biases aside. I did.

No one seems to care that The Donald has no specifics on any of his big plans. Presently, voters are buying attitude and attitude alone. It doesn’t even matter as much what he says – it’s how he says it. He makes people want to stand up and say, Yeah – You Get Um!

How is he going to secure the border? He says he’s going to build a huge wall. How is he going to do it? I don’t know – nor does anyone else, Trump included. But it doesn’t matter. He says it with an attitude that people believe. If Trump says he’s going to do something, it will get done.

And Donald Trump speaks English. No, not the Queen’s English, or English from an Ivy League law school, but flawed every-man English.

Frank Luntz conducted a focus group in New Hampshire a few days ago. One woman piped up. She was a diehard Trump supporter. She said, “the other Republicans better stop making fun of him [Trump], because they made fun of Ronald Reagan…” A man behind her started in, saying the Trump is not who he says he is. “People have not done their homework on Donald Trump. Look at his books. He’s been all over the fence on his views over the years. He changes his views like he changes his underwear.” read more

A Glowing Endorsement of Scott Walker

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Scott Walker has thrown his hat in the crowded ring of presidential hopefuls. I don’t know a ton about Walker, but I do know he has had great success in Wisconsin standing up to and defeating the left.

I’ve considered him one of my top tier of candidates and unlike some, if he gets the nod, despite not being my favorite, I would vote for him. But then I saw this.

A few days ago college professor, Tim Koechlin, wrote of Walker in the Huffington Post, regarding a correspondence he received from the Governor’s campaign.

Of course, being a college professor, he must be well versed and erudite as will be apparent.

Evidently, it all started innocently enough, as Tim received a “Team Walker” campaign flyer asking for his support and a donation to Walker’s campaign. Now, what does a “normal” person do when receiving one of these from a candidate one is clearly not going to vote for? Obviously it gets filed in the nearest waste disposal device (a trashcan).

But if you are a highly educated college professor, you don’t take the piece of “junk mail” lying down. This mass-mailing is to be taken as a personal affront to you and all radical leftist higher educators. read more

The Popular Progressive Populism of The Donald

by: the Common Constitutionalist

A couple of days ago Donald Trump appeared on Mark Levin’s radio program. Frankly I was surprised Trump agreed, considering in 2011 Mediaite  reported that Mark said the following about Trump: “Levin was on fire as he provided a series of arguments to discredit nearly every perceived benefit of a Trump candidacy. Suggesting Trump’s proposal for a tariff on goods from China is as horrible of an idea as many of Trump’s other past positions, Levin said even if ‘all your supporters are going to give you a pass on every damn thing you’ve ever said or done’ Levin will not be along for the ride. And in his final parting shot, since Trump repeatedly argues his success as a businessman would make him a great President, Levin humorously concludes, ‘if I follow your logic, Bill Gates ought to be President of the United States because he’s worth ten times what you are too, and yet when it comes to economics and government he’s an airhead just like you.’”

But Mark was more than kind and allowed Trump to speak his mind, even paying him a compliment saying that he got a call from his father who said, “I like this guy. He says what he needs to say. He’s standing up for America.”

Mark was discussing with The Donald just why his message appears to be resonating. Mark said, “number one you’re not a Washington guy, number two, you’re a successful businessman and number three, you’re talking up America.” Trump responded by saying that it’s because people are sick and tired of our stupid representatives. “They’re giving away our jobs, they’re giving away our money, they’re giving away our manufacturing, they’re giving away everything – we get nothing.”

And then Trump uttered his all-too-familiar refrain that China and Mexico are kicking our butts. He cited the case of a Ford plant being built in Mexico for $2.5 billion, to make trucks and cars and parts and ship them right back to the United States. “We get nothing,” he says. “We get no jobs, we get no tax, we get nothing.” read more

2016 Primary: This Time It’s Different

by: the Common Constitutionalist

The first thing one may notice about the 2016 presidential primary is that the favorites everyone assumed were destined to meet in the general election may, and in my opinion, probably won’t be there. Neither of them.

If Hillary Clinton is so unbeatable, why are others making noise about joining the race? The latest is comrade Bill de Blasio, the commie Mayor of New York City. Well, at least he’s answered the question of why he held out his support of Clinton. He’s going to run against her.

There’s blood in the water and it’s Hillary hemorrhaging and the sharks smell it.

Now for the Republicans – the preseason prohibitive favorite was Jeb Bush, but he is quickly finding out that the Republican base is no longer buying his establishment center-left line of crap and is looking for another Reagan revolution.

So when I hear conservatives say that we should be concentrating on Hillary – conservatives like Rush Limbaugh – I have to wonder what he’s thinking. He obviously doesn’t share my view that Hillary may not win her own primary battle and if she has any serious competition, they are likely to bloody her much worse than we will do to our own. If she emerges victorious, she will come out of it beaten up and judging by her overall temperament, I doubt she’ll handle it well. read more

Is O’Malley the Democrat Go To?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

If I were a Democrat who had designs on running for president I might do exactly what former Gov. Martin O’Malley appears to be doing.

Among Democrats nationally O’Malley has topped out at 1% or less in early presidential polls. The main reason is that he has almost zero name recognition, as opposed to the presumptive favorite Hillary Clinton or even Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who insists she is not running,

He also played Guitar

He also played Guitar

despite draft petitions from far left groups like

CNN , who for decades has been called the Clinton News Network, recently reported on a trip O’Malley took to Iowa. O’Malley attended a Democrat fundraiser in Davenport Iowa where almost no one knew him including one retiree, Marcia Keefer.

Before O’Malley’s speech, where he stood perched on an old kitchen chair, Keefer was set on voting for Hillary. After, she was seen leaving with a stack of O’Malley posters. If Hillary was truly “the one,” I’m not sure CNN would give O’Malley the time of day.

Yesterday Howard Kurtz on Fox News brought up the possibility of O’Malley “gearing up to mount a presidential campaign…” read more

No Love For Hillary – Faux Fear for Jeb

by: the Common Constitutionalist

As we head into this next election cycle (as if it ever really ends anymore), there sure seems to be a lot more angst on the democrat side.

I’ve heard many say there is no one else who can run on the democrat side. It’s a shallow bench. Some pundits have stated that for all her flaws Hillary Clinton is the only major Democrat who can keep the Democratic Party together in this cycle.

I disagree. I think she is actually the one candidate who will not be able to keep the Democrats in their wacky rainbow colored ganja-filled tent.2013 Greenbuild Conference

Need I remind us all that in 2008, Hillary was all they had – until she wasn’t. They needed only a minor groundswell of support to jump ship for someone else. Personally I think that behind the scenes power brokers have probably given up on Hillary, not that she ever had them and I don’t think they like her. They like Bill, but not her. We may later find that they were never going to fully back her.

So far, there’s no evidence to support the theory, except for the lack of enthusiasm from the far left base, which she will need.

I also wonder whether the democrats may be amenable to losing this next election to prevent someone they don’t care for on their side from winning – mainly Hillary. I see no fire from the base for Hillary. I don’t see “Run – Hil – Run” posters. There is no great eruption of support for her. It could indeed be that the dems have hit that proverbial wall, and have just run out of candidates. read more