WND Exclusive – Will NFL be Sanitized Out of Existence?

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

If you are a regular reader, you know I am a huge NFL fan and a diehard New England Patriots fan. And to all the haters out there, I was a fan before the start of the dynasty years – although it’s difficult to remember that far back!

I’m not here to gloat – but rather to lament the problem in the NFL – and that is safety, or more precisely, trying to regulate the violence out a violent game.

Now, politically speaking – I’m disappointed, but not surprised. A lot of NFL team owners are left-leaning as are many at the league office and players. They also have a tendency to be spineless and therefore bow to every “we have to do something” mantra. So wanting to regulate human behavior isn’t really that foreign to them.

We all hear, ad nauseam, that football is an inherently violent sport.

Well, we may hear it, but it seems we really don’t accept it – thus the constant push for more and more player safety. It’s a laudable goal, but there’s only so much sanitization the product can sustain before the game ceases to be NFL football.

Still, the NFL is bending over backwards to try to make the sport safer, when anyone with any common sense can see this is not really possible. They’ve put up the blue medical tent on every sideline and instituted the “concussion” protocol. Anyone suspected of sustaining a concussion during the game must be hauled into the tent for evaluation by a doctor.

It happens many times during virtually every game; however, it drew more attention when it happened to the Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen last weekend, when he was knocked out (literally) of the game due to a helmet to helmet hit by Patriots defensive back Jonathon Jones. Just another reason to hate the Patriots – right?

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