New-Fangled Snorkel

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The Powerbreather comes with different attachments depending on whether you'll be swimming in calm or choppy ...

The Powerbreather comes with different attachments depending on whether you’ll be swimming in calm or choppy water (Credit: Michael Franco/Gizmag)

A swimmer’s snorkel can dramatically change the way you bang out laps in the pool. Unlike a regular snorkel, these devices typically have a single tube that extends from a special mask up the center of your head so that you can swim without the need to turn your head from side to side to breathe. Ameo announced that it was fundamentally changing the design of the swimmer’s snorkel in 2012 with its Powerbreather model. The company has finally released it and I had a chance to try it out.

The Powerbreather’s main differentiator among swimmer’s snorkels is that it consists of two tubes that run on either side of the head, rather than just one in the middle. There’s also a unique membrane built into the mouthpiece called the Ameo Fresh Air System. Both tubes bring fresh air to you and you can exhale through your nose or mouth. When you exhale through your mouth, the air exits into the water through the membrane rather than going back through the tubes, as is the case with other snorkels. This is supposed to decrease the amount on your own exhaled air you rebreathe and, consequently, the amount of carbon dioxide you take in.

While it was not possible for me to test out this specific claim, I can report that the snorkel worked beautifully and did, indeed, revolutionize my swimming routine.

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One comment on “New-Fangled Snorkel

  1. I guess if one uses a snorkel to “swim laps” or while using the “crawl” while swimming, this might be a great idea.

    I don’t see its benefit to people who are using it with footfins … where the arms are not usually used in an overhand manner … or actually snorkeling … where most of the actual time is spent underwater.

    It refers to some sort of membrane which diverts the exhalation away from the breather and not out the snorkel pipe. I’m not sure how that works but it seems that, with twin pipes, it will take a lot more of a blow-out to clear the snorkel when surfacing for air. The tester also mentions having to basically unfasten the snorkel trather than spit it out when water is accidentally inhaled … something I would not want to have to mess with while reef diving in the open ocean …

    Simpler seems better and theis does not actually seem simpler.

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