Mid-Season Update

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I’ve been commenting on a lot of heady stuff lately, so I thought I would lighten things up with a little midseason NFL update. That and we’ve been rocked with snow, power outages & general mayhem up here in New England. 40 – 50% of the area around where I live has been without power since Saturday night. Tons of fun.

Anyway, to the NFL.

There appears to be a consensus pertaining to Green Bay being the best, not only in the NFC, but the entire league. I agree with that. At this point in the season I don’t know who can challenge them for the top spot. Their defense isn’t as good as last year, but still pretty darn good. It only has to be average due to their potent offense. No one can match them point for point. They just have too many receivers that can burn you. The Vikings got as close as anyone will & I don’t think that will happen again. They could go undefeated if they stay healthy.

That leaves the Steelers, The ‘G’ men (Giants), 49ers (yes, the 49ers), Patriots (HA!), Lions, Ravens, Eagles, maybe even the Bills or the Jets kind of jockeying for second through ninth.

The Steelers have issues as demonstrated this past weekend by only putting up 25 on the worst pass defense in the league. The reports were that Big Ben blistered the Pats for 365 yards. Yes he did, but that didn’t equate to a ton of points. I wasn’t impressed.

I don’t know what Harbaugh is juicing his players with in San Francisco, but I want some. They have bought whatever he’s selling & playing, in my opinion, better than they are. They are blessed, once again, to be in the poorest division in football.

Although the Giants are atop the NFC East, the Eagles are showing signs of real progress. It just may be that it has taken this long for their defense to begin to gel. They may end up winning that division. It all depends on the play of Eli, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Manning. His lack of consistent play continues to be a problem.

The Lions have been impressive at times, but I’m afraid the league wants to castrate Suh & get him to tow the wussy league line. He’s the driving force on defense, so if he is somehow forced to back off, the rest of their defense will follow.

The Steelers have nothing to fear from the Ravens. Flacco seems to be regressing. He had a good outing last weekend, but that was against the Cards & look what they did in the first have of that game. Run the ball, you idiots!

That leaves the AFC East. The Pats, Jets & Bills. I can’t figure out the Jets. Sanchez seems to have the Eli disease. The next four weeks will determine their season. The Bills twice & the Pats. They must beat the Patriots & have to at least split with the Bills. If not their done.

The Bills have beaten some pretty decent teams & could be for real. They put the beat down on the Redskins. How they fare against the Jets will say a lot. They already have the tie-breaker against the Pats.

The Patriots were awful at Pittsburgh. Every phase of their game was poor. The defense is horrible. They can only hope for some bend-don’t-break games or just poor offensive performances by their opponents. This is on Belichick & he alone. He is trying to be everything. You can’t be Head Coach, GM, coordinator, draft expert, etc. Until he comes to terms with that, they’ll continue to go downhill. If not for Brady, the Pats would struggle to be a .500 team.

The rest of the league is there but doesn’t matter. The Saints may mount a comeback, but I doubt it. The Chiefs, Titans or Raiders could play some sort of spoiler role, knocking someone out of the playoff hunt.

The big question though; will the Colts or Dolphins win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

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