Let’s Slow the Game (even more)

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Over the years the pace of NFL games has been slower & slower. Stoppages for everything short of bathroom breaks & mid-game nappy time. Now the league geniuses, in an effort to cleanse the game of any possible human error, have mandated that every scoring play be reviewed. I understood the rule to be a simple booth review unless there is a question. At such time the booth official would buzz the head ref. He would then go under the dreaded hood to look at the play for what feels like forever. After watching the games this past week it seems every play was booth reviewed. Ridiculous! As a fan, I think this stinks. It disrupts the flow of the game & will potentially take away the momentum from a team. It will also free up coaches to throw the infamous “Red Flag” on much less consequential plays. No more will coaches have to worry about challenging a called score. Automatic review under 2 minutes, I get. But every scoring play? Come on! Just play the game.

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