Kunta Kaepernick – the $20 Million Slave

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by: Brent Smith

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Colin Kaepernick has been duped. He exited college holding a golden ticket, being drafted in 2011 by the San Francisco 49ers as a high second round pick – 36th overall. And he made the most of it. He took his team to one Superbowl and just missed another.

By all accounts, he was good kid and teammate.

Then he met his girlfriend Nessa Diab, a leftist Black Lives Matter type radical, who, in my opinion, poisoned his mind. He went from good player, good person and good teammate to an angry, put upon, radical activist – just like his girlfriend. But I’m sure his transformation was purely coincidental.

By his own actions, he was let go, not to play another down in the NFL. And since then, none of the 32 NFL teams have come-a-calling. Nobody wants him. Not because he doesn’t still have talent. No one wants him because he’s a vocal pain in the butt, and too much of a disruptive distraction for any team – for any locker room.

Just a few days ago the NFL did something extraordinary. Something they’ve never done before. They arranged a private workout for Kaepernick in Atlanta and invited all 32 teams to attend.

But on the day of the specially arranged event for a single player, which has never happened before, and now will likely never happen again, Kaepernick, who claims he “really wants to play,” decides to change the rules. He does not request a change – he demands it, telling all, including every team representative, that the venue will be moved to a local high school and will public. Leftists never ask – they always demand. They are the epitome of “My Way or the Highway.”

Most teams just said the heck with this and didn’t attend. The few who did were treated to Kaepernick sporting a black t-shirt with the name Kunta Kinte emblazoned across the front. Kunta Kinte was the fictional slave character portrayed in the 1976 fiction novel, Roots, by Alex Haley. It was also made into a highly acclaimed and successful television mini-series.

And right then and there we knew that this workout wasn’t just about football. If this truly just about wanting to get back into the league, he would not have made such a bold and inane statement.

I didn’t read the book, by I remember watching the series. It was painful to do so.

But there’s something I just don’t recall happening. I’ll have to go back and look at the last chapter of the book, but it seems to me that Kunta kinte didn’t end up signing a “record” seven-year contract worth $126 million for playing a sport, like did the chronically offended Kaepernick.

And why was that? Two reasons. One, because he was a SLAVE and there weren’t a lot of slaves getting paid for anything, much less for throwing an egg-shaped cow skin around – 200 years ago!

And two – because the story and character were FICTIONAL. That’s right, Haley just made up the character Kunte Kinte. Yes, Roots was a fictional novel.

That t-shirt wasn’t meant to signify anyone’s oppression. Who the hell is being oppressed? Certainly not Kunta Kaepernick! It was meant for one reason – to stir things up – to make some noise and stick it to the white man.

If that’s the case he must not really want the job? I’m not defending the NFL, but I also love pro-football. And this was job interview. And as the employer, they can put any stipulation(s) they want on the job he’s “applying” for. This isn’t North Korea, where you basically work where they tell you to. If he doesn’t like any or all of the stipulations or provisos they put on him, he could’ve just walked away. But instead he decided it was better to make a spectacle, which scared off most of the teams.

Football may be a sport, but the NFL is a business. And just like any business, they’re free to make their own rules. If you can’t live by their rules, you’re free to go do something else.

Kunta Kaepernick is free to take his $20 million (his current net worth) and go off and protest to his hearts content. But it appears that NFL teams want none of it.

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