Jet-Powered Body Board

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The sleek profile of the first

The sleek profile of the first “near production” Kymera body board (Credit: Oliver Starr/Gizmag)

Gizmag first met garage inventor Jason Woods back in 2011. Since then the Kymera jet-powered body board has been evolving into what is now a nearly production-ready machine complete with official specifications and pricing. We recently had some fun on the water putting the board through its paces.

Out of the car and into the water

Although it’s been quite some time in coming, the painful birth has produced a nice looking baby. At 46 lb (21 kg), it’s light enough to easily carry from the parking lot to the shoreline, although with a separate trip to grab the 24-lb (11-kg) battery. Even with that second trip, unless you’ve got to stop to put on a wet suit, you can still be out of the car and into the water in less than two minutes if you snagged a good parking spot.

Powering up and launching is almost as simple as hitting the lake with an inner tube, but considerably more fun. The battery compartment flips open and rails guide the battery into place with a satisfying thunk. Then simply flip the switch to power the unit up, close the hatch, and ease on the throttle. And then punch it (at least that’s what we did).

The ride (while it lasted)

Riding the 81 x 32 x 12-in (205 x 81 x 30-cm) Kymera came naturally enough and should be familiar territory for anyone who has body-boarded or paddled before. Pulling the hand trigger located on the right handgrip results in gradual acceleration – unless you peg it, in which case you’ll take off while raising a rooster tail. Releasing the trigger brings your momentum down almost immediately thanks to the buoyancy of the craft. Steering is accomplishing by rolling the hips in the direction you want to go, while your feet can supply additional directional control allowing you to make fairly sharp turns, even at full speed.

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