You Have to Pass Medicare for All to See How Bad it Is

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from IBD:

Dems Won’t Tell Voters How Radical ‘Medicare For All’ Is

Remember when Republicans said that ObamaCare was designed to fail so Democrats could push “single payer?” That was called conspiracy mongering. But guess what? ObamaCare is failing. And Democrats are now pushing “Medicare for All” as the solution.

Trouble is, Democrats aren’t telling voters anything about what “Medicare for All” means. Probably because the plan would be the most radical socialization of health care on the planet.

Everyone from New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke has called for “Medicare for All.” So far, 123 congressional Democrats and 16 Democratic Senators have co-sponsored “Medicare for All” bills.

What would “Medicare for All” do? Here are the facts, based on the bills in the House and Senate.

Lose Your Plan

First, it would outlaw existing private health insurance.

That includes all employer-provided plans, individually purchased insurance, every single union plan. It also means an end to the increasingly popular private Medicare Advantage insurance plans. These private insurance plans seniors have been flocking to specifically to avoid enrolling in the existing Medicare plan. If you like your plan, you’re guaranteed not to be able to keep it.

Second, “Medicare for All” would have the government pay all medical costs. There’d be no copays or deductibles on anything, from doctor visits, surgery and drugs to long-term care, dental and vision. The only thing not covered would be cosmetic surgery.

Keep in mind that no other country in the world does that.

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