Yes Virginia, There is a “Kind of God”

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by: the Common Constitutionalist


There is a new series on climate change and environmentalism airing on Showtime, produced by none other than James Cameron, movie-maker and climate alarmist.


I was unaware of the series and only found out about it from Marc Marano of Climate Depot. Climate Depot is the one-stop shop for everything to debunk global warming and extreme environmentalism. Bookmark it for sure.


Anyway, the series spotlights several leftist intellectuals like Paul Krugman and Thomas L Friedman. It also spotlights a segment on the actor Harrison Ford.


Until now, I liked Harrison Ford, or at least his movies and the characters he portrays. I figured him to be a typical Hollywood lefty, but wasn’t sure. I had never really heard much of his politics, and liked it that way. Just keep your politics to yourself and do what you do best – act.


But after watching him in Cameron’s series, on a trip to Indonesia, my view of him has changed, and not for the better.


Harrison Ford has evidently found religion – not God, but a “kind of God”.


Confused? Well here is a quote from him in the Showtime series: “I needed something outside of myself to believe in and I found in nature a kind of God”. Huh? He doesn’t say what kind of God, but it ain’t the same “Nature’s God” that Thomas Jefferson espoused.


I derived that it is the God of nature over mankind – the God of climate change – of environmentalism – the God of Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund and every other wacko organization that seeks to place man at the bottom of the totem pole.


Marano, at Climate Depot, quoted something from the late great author Michael Creighton: “One of the most powerful religions in the Western world is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists.” Ain’t that the truth!


The religion of extreme environmentalism requires nothing to convert – no prayer – no commandments – no moral compass to follow – no judgment, except the judgment of others. It’s easy and painless and requires very little, if any thought.


One example was Ford’s excursion on a helicopter trip taken over some clear-cut areas in Indonesia. The cameraman tried his best to concentrate on just the blighted region but one couldn’t help but notice in the distance, all the undisturbed forest, stretching for miles and miles.


After his tour, Harrison looked into the camera and explained how bad the situation in Indonesia was – that, he claimed, only 18% of Indonesian forest was left undisturbed. Well, that is tragic, if it were true. The problem was, in the very next scene, an Indonesian naturalist was explaining to a group, which included Ford, that Indonesia has “potentially” lost a quarter of its forest.


Now I’m no naturalist or actor and Common Core math escapes me, but 75%, or more, is a long way from 18%!


But Ford will fly back to the states convinced that Indonesia is all but done. That 75% (or more) figure will be like water off a ducks back. It won’t even register with him.


The mindset of Harrison Ford is all too typical of the hollow lives of Hollywood stars. For some, I’m sure it’s just good publicity, but for those like Ford, it appears to be real. He really believes this claptrap.


Thankfully, many are beginning to awaken to the fact that the climate change scare and hyper environmentalism is causing more harm than good.


Marano adds a review of the Showtime series: “When it comes to issues like the climate, James Cameron is just batsh*t crazy”, says former Harvard University physicist Dr. Lubos Motl in a New York Times op-ed. “If you are looking for ways to increase public skepticism about global warming, you couldn’t hardly do better than the forthcoming nine part series on climate change from Showtime.”


But none of this will matter to true converts like Harrison Ford.

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