Wyden Ushers Illegal Alien Across Border

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How is this not illegal? And how is this democrat Senator not under arrest and jailed for this?

from Breitbart:

Mexican Women Have Right to U.S. Healthcare, U.S.-Born Children, Says Democrat Senator

Mexican women have a legal right to U.S. healthcare, and also to birth their children in the United States if they ask for asylum, Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden claimed Saturday.

Wyden’s unilateral extension of Americans’ rights, national healthcare and democratic representation to the nationals of Mexico came when he staged a visit to a shelter for migrants waiting for scheduled asylum hearings in the United States. The shelter is in Juarez, Mexico, and it hosts migrants who were sent back to Mexico under the “Remain in Mexico” program until U.S. judges have time to hear their pleas for asylum.

Wyden made the trip with pro-migration advocates from his home state of Oregon where he is facing a reelection campaign in 2020. The visit is likely intended to boost his election support from white progressives who increasingly favor migrants over many Americans.

The shelter in Mexico included a pregnant couple with a young child. Wyden chose to escort the couple to the border, past the other traffic, past a U.S. border guard, and into the United States. He said via a tweet:

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