WND Weekly Exclusive – Leftist Dogma and Steve Bannon’s ‘Deconstruction’

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A few days ago, Salon.com, one of the more leftist websites you will ever read, assuming you would ever read it, posted a piece entitled, “Steve Bannon says Trump’s Cabinet of billionaires has been ‘selected for a reason … deconstruction.’”

The article included a rebroadcast of a session at CPAC with Chief of Staff Reince Preibus and Steve Bannon, Trump’s senior White House adviser.

Salon wrote, “Bannon confirmed that Trump’s Cabinet appointments aren’t there to govern. They’re there to destroy.” Well, that’s fairly chilling. Why would they say that, and what is the left really afraid of?

Although Bannon said nothing of the sort, he did in fact say that their vision broadly is the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” See how this works? Deconstruction equals destroy.

Well, you’d think the world was on the precipice of Armageddon! How dare the unwashed and crass Trump administration try to deconstruct what the brilliant academics of yesteryear have installed – a national administrative apparatus to supervise and manage every aspect of American life.

The leftist media – I was going to say mainstream, but there’s nothing mainstream about them – are all of the same mindset, and in fact a lot of them have identical educational backgrounds as do the leftist political class they love. The media and political elites travel and work in the same cloistered circles. Therefore, it is natural for them to believe that “experts in government” with various pedigrees from elite Ivy League universities know far better than the masses how to properly order society. After all – they are the experts, so let the “experts” handle it.

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