WND Exclusive – Will natural COVID immunity be reflected on the ‘vaccine passport’?

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

The COVID-19 vaccination is front and center on most American’s minds as they decide whether or not to get it.

But it’s not just the vaccine itself. It’s not even whether the various vaccines are safe – and they appear to be for the vast majority of the population.

Still, many would opt out and not get the vaccine, given the choice.

And that brings us to the elephant in the room – the so-called “vaccine passport.”

To that, I was watching a very interesting and informative video by Dr. Suneel Dhand recently.

He practices medicine, as he puts it, on the “East Coast” of the United States, although he didn’t say where specifically. I narrowed it down to a few places in Massachusetts. In addition to his practice in internal medicine, he is also a writer, speaker and personal trainer.

Dr. Dhand is an advocate for vaccines in general and encourages all his patients to get various proven vaccines, so he is clearly not an “anti-vaxxer.” He says he is student of history, particularly of vaccines like smallpox, polio and others that have virtually eradiated such diseases.

The doctor then goes on to explain something that has received little to no press.

Dhand discovered very early last year that he contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus. At the time, he just thought it was a mild viral infection. It turns out that, after he had a blood antibody serum test in May of 2020, he discovered he had contracted COVID. The test revealed what’s called a positive IgG. This is important.

This IgG shows that that doctor, by fighting the virus naturally, produced high levels of protective antibodies that prevent him from re-contracting COVID-19.

Now, the jury is out on just how long the various vaccines will protect people from contracting the virus. Already, there appear to be indications that they may be no more effective than a flu shot, meaning one may have to get a COVID shot every year, or possible more often than that.

However, over a year after the doctor contracted COVID and developed his own IgG antibodies naturally, his blood serum tests are still coming back positive with a high level of these protective antibodies.

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