WND Exclusive – Why’s the Right Taking ‘Insider’ Op-Ed Seriously?

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We all know of the Big Bang Theory, where in an instant the universe exploded into life and is apparently ever-expanding.

Well, with the confluence of the smash hit book by Bob Woodward and the anonymous White House insider memo hitting at virtually the same time, the left and Never-Trumpers are hoping that this is the ever-expanding political Big Bang that will finally bring down Trump.

I say smash hit book because whether Woodward’s book (release date – Sept. 11, 2018) is great or not, rest assured it will be a runaway best-seller. They will make sure of that.

However, in recent years the Big Bang Theory has been called into question. Did it actually happen, and is the universe really expanding? That’s above my pay-grade, as it were.

Putting aside Woodward’s book, the same may be said of the “blockbuster” op-ed. Is it as it is presented? Is it even real, or was it fabricated? As yet, we do not know.

Everyone just assumes it must be real and factual and an accurate portrayal of administration goings-on. And this includes virtually everyone on the right.

Why is this? Why is it that everyone just accepts the premise that this is fact?

This is the New York Times we’re talking about, which seems to print as many retractions as it does news stories.

This is the New York Times, populated almost exclusively by rabid leftists, hell-bent for many years on tearing down traditional America and traditional American values.

I get that everyone on the left will take what they read in the Times as gospel truth, but listening to conservatives, I’m fascinated that, once again, their baseline of reason is to first accept that the New York Times is being honest in it’s reporting and second, that there is a source and that the source is who he or she claims to be.

It may turn out that this is all exactly as it is presented. And it may not.

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