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by: Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

What is the best course of action for the Democrats after seizing control of the House?

See what I did there? This is how the Dems always justify their elections losses. If Republicans win, they “seize control.” If the Dems win, which is apparently the natural order of things, they assume, or re-assume, control. They are King Richard, and we are the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The left is clamoring for articles of impeachment to be brought to bear about five minutes after the new Congress convenes. It’s what their constituents expect, because it’s what House leftists promised they would do.

If we recall, five articles of impeachment accusing Trump of obstruction of justice and other offenses were introduced in November 2017 by a half dozen Democrats. So basically they’re ready to go now.

But is this really the right strategy? I don’t think so, and it’s why I don’t believe the Democrats in the House will push for leadership to move impeachment forward. If they do, I believe leadership will do all they can to deflect it.

It’s common knowledge that for decades, the Democrats have had nothing positive to run on during an election season. And as sad as it is, we’ve already begun the 2020 presidential race.

Therefore, the left always needs an issue to run against and someone or something to blame and hence fight against. This time around it’s not just the evil Trump. This time they have two boogeyman – Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate.

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