WND Exclusive – Why COVID statists always move the goalpost

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

When will it end? When will the planet-killing pandemic dubbed COVID-19 ever end? If the Democrats have anything to say about – not for a while. Not until they’ve wrung every ounce of control over you and me they possibly can, while strategically setting compulsory precedents for the next concocted or at least overblown emergency.

Movie metaphor time.

I like the DC Comic’s movie “Aquaman.” It’s a silly action/fantasy film that’s fun to watch without having to turn your brain on.

In the movie, Aquaman, as a teenager, is learning how to fight. He’s being taught by his mentor, who has put him through a series of tests. For years the kid has asked his mentor when he can finally go see his mother. And each time, the mentor answers, “when you’re ready.”

The frustrated kid finally concludes that the mentor is stalling and says that he has passed every test, but every time he does the mentor just keeps making up new ones. In other words, moving the goalposts, in effect making the boy’s ultimate goal unachievable.

Regarding COVID, it’s where we are now. Our ultimate goal of reopening society, free of masks and social distancing, appears unachievable.

The politicians and junk-scientists put forth an edict, and the lemming American public blindly follow it.

It started with mass-lockdowns, but just until we flatten the curve. Remember that? We must lock down to give the overwhelmed hospitals a chance to catch up. We must determine just how deadly it really is.

About that time, the esteemed Dr. Fauci, proclaimed that masks are not effective and may simply make people “feel better.”

Well, by most accounts, the curve began flattening in April. The hospitals, as it turned out, were actually underwhelmed, and the true mortality wasn’t even close to what the junk science models predicted.

So we passed the tests, as it were. But that wasn’t good enough – it never was going to be once the statists in the political class figured out what they had.

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