WND Exclusive – Who cares about Hunter Biden’s strip-club escapades?

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

This is a news story? Hunter Biden apparently smoked crack? And did so in a strip club? How quintessentially American.

Wow! How are we expected to react to this “breaking” news? “We’ve got ‘im now,” or some such nonsense? Are we supposed to revel in someone else’s misfortune? Is that it?

We sound like the left!

I can see how some of these more right-leaning click-bait sites might post stuff like this. But how is this new groundbreaking morsel germane to anything, and why are respected conservative news sites at all interested in this tabloid garbage?

I first learned of the charge, that Hunter Biden smoked crack at Archibald’s, a strip club in the D.C area, from Fox News. Really? This is what they’ve stooped to? What is this – the National Enquirer?

Do we think there’s so much of a chance of Joe Biden beating President Trump in a head to head match-up that we have to stoop to this kind of crap?

Any thoughtful person would say that Biden will have his lunch money taken by Trump – that he doesn’t stand a chance. If this is the case, and it is, why stoop to yellow journalism?

Now, we all know Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and how real it is. When the term was first coined, it was just something fun to describe far-out leftists – the ones who literally cried when Hillary lost. But it has grown into a real, clinical affliction. We see it throughout the mainstream media on an hourly basis. Heck – minute to minute basis. Trump is almost literally all CNN talks about. It’s one thing to want to get rid of the president. We wanted both Clinton and Obama gone. But this TDS obsession goes way beyond. It’s a sickness – a real sickness.

However, we on the right, we conservatives, are thought to be more left-brained – thoughtful, analytical. We’re not supposed to be as susceptible to knee-jerk silliness as our right-brained counterparts.

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