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I’m sure everyone is well aware of what transpired on Capitol Hill this past week. It was Mark Zuckerberg goes to Washington, to testify, or rather attempt (or not) to explain why Facebook blocks content and otherwise censors conservative voices. Many, like internet sensations Diamond and Silk, have been at the center of this free-speech firestorm. This, thanks in large part to my man Ted Cruz and Rep. Billy Long. Their content was deemed by Facebook to be hate speech. In fact it is just dissenting opinion the left so fears.

Now, Zuckerberg could have simply stated that Facebook is a private company and as such can do whatever the heck they want regarding limiting free speech, and he would have been right. But he didn’t.

But who will be in charge of defining what hate speech is? For that matter, who at Facebook is in charge of it now? Someone at the company, or a contractor, will have to originate the program the AI platform will run on. Or maybe they will let someone in Chuck Schumer’s office determine the parameters.

This is a dangerous game that is being played. As we on the right often say – it’s a slippery slope. And it’s been recognized as such for hundreds of years.

On March 15, 1783, George Washington addressed the officers of his Army, stating:

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