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OK, everyone has said their peace regarding the State of the Union speech. I guess it’s my turn.

I must admit that I was dreading that night. I was so close to not even watching it. I never cared for Trump’s voice, his inflection, his mannerisms, his facial expressions. There was pretty much nothing I liked along those lines.

I had also prejudged the speech – figuring I knew what he was going to say and how he would act. So why even watch? But I decided to suck it up and watch it anyway. I’m glad I did. This was not campaign Trump or rookie Trump. This was our president and a statesman.

Aside from a few big-government populist proposals that included a path to citizenship for millions of illegals and the $1.5 trillion boondoggle infrastructure scheme, the speech was outstanding – the best I’ve heard since Ronaldus Magnus or Margaret Thatcher.

As a slight digression, isn’t it a crying shame that one has to hearken back 30 or so years to find such an inspiring speech? It’s pathetic. And just a year or two ago, I would have bet the ranch that the source of the inspiration would not have been, and could not have been, Donald Trump. No chance the host of “The Apprentice” could have pulled that off. Boy was I wrong, and I’m happy to admit it.

Anywho – let’s just get the negatives out of the way, as there are so few.

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  2. Unfortunately, those three items, along with the porkulous infrastructure proposal, will bankrupt the middle class, once again. And by the way, we shouldn’t have any more infrastructure problems should we? Remember Obama got congress to pass an omnibus, pork belly bill a couple years ago. Everything should be fixed by now, right?

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