WND Exclusive – Trump supporters are the ‘Rodney Dangerfield’ of America

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Scores of conservatives and I have said for many years that Republicans (not conservatives – they’re not the same) would rather lose elections and become the permanent minority party than have to throw-in with us trailer park, constitutional rabble.

And it’s true. The spineless, stand-for-nothing Republican Party really does believe that we true conservatives are an inferior breed. Not that we’re necessarily bad people, it’s that we have conviction, we stand for something, have principles, values and won’t compromise them at the drop of a hat. In other words, we just don’t get how things are done, etc.

Then I asked myself – what does this remind me of?

Well, a couple of movies came immediately to mind, both starring the late comedian Rodney “I get no respect” Dangerfield.

In the couple of movies that came to mind, “Caddyshack” and “Back to School,” Dangerfield plays a similar character – a blue-collar guy who made it big, yet is still unaccepted by the country club and academic elitist snobs.

Does any of this strike a familiar note? It should, for the Republican Party is the country club and academic elitist snobs.

These snobs are represented by pompous Judge Elihu Smails in “Caddyshack” and stodgy professor Phillip Barbay in the other Dangerfield movie, “Back to School.” Trump and his millions of supporters and conservatives are represented by Rodney Dangerfield. We too “get no respect” from the elitist beltway boy Republicans.

In both “Caddyshack” and “Back to School,” Dangerfield plays a successful but street-wise businessman who had to pay his dues in the real world, and became successful despite being “uneducated.” Even though it’s not at all who we are, it’s how the Republican “upper crust” sees us and so consequently looks down on us.

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