WND Exclusive – The Secret to Stealing an Election

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

And if it can’t be stolen, the chaos already arising may put the result, if there is one, of the general election in serious doubt.

I was listening to the Glenn Beck radio show the other day. He was not talking about how the Democrats were planning to steal the election by means of mail-in voting. What he was speaking of was chaos.

We’ve witnessed for months how the left has fomented chaos, through Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement. Anyone with eyes can see these movements were not created for the purpose of equality or rights, or even reparations. It’s all about the chaos – the protests, the riots, the violence, the looting and the destruction.

Then there’s the conspiratorial nonsense of Trump hauling away mailboxes by the truckload, causing yet more chaos. The fact that it happens all the time due to usage and changing demographics is mere coincidence.

And by sheer happenstance, all this is leading up to a presidential election. It’s all about the election – at least to start.

Now comes the push for mail-in-only voting – something America has never attempted on a grand scale. Attempting to institute something like this will result in chaos on national scale – a scale America has never experienced. It’s just what the doctor ordered, if the doctor is a radical leftist.

Glenn cited the hundreds of thousands of ballot applications sent, just in the State of Virginia by a leftist “nonprofit” organization, the Center for Voter Information.

How do I know they’re leftist? Well, I had to look no further than the money they raised and who they funneled it to.

Every dime raised by this “nonprofit” has been spent to promote Democrats. And not a shilling toward Republicans. Shocker!

They sent out more than half a million forms to “eligible voters.”

“The Center for Voter Information said the absentee application mailings were sent to ‘eligible voters’ in the state and ‘some of the mailers may have directed the return envelopes’ for the absentee applications to the wrong election offices,” writes Just the News.

That is a powerful statement and needs to be unpacked.

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