WND Exclusive – The Myth of Poverty in America

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Bernie Sanders says, “If I’m not mistaken, China has made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any other country in the history of civilization. They’ve done a lot of things for their people.”

Yes they have, unless you are one of “their people” who just happens to be part of the Chinese Muslim community, for example, or not part of the Maoist cultural revolution, which killed an estimated 20-45 million.

But what should we expect from Bernie the Red? This is the same guy who trumpeted the Cuban Communist health-care system.

Other than those killed or sent to re-education camps, yes, Bernie, China has addressed extreme poverty. Although it depends on how one defines extreme poverty, or poverty in general.

Poverty can’t be gauged equally from one country to the next. Poverty looks a lot different in China and most other countries than it does in the United States.

I want to touch on the word poverty, or as Bernie hyperbolically asserts, extreme poverty. Neither of these terms is objectively definable.

For example, by all recollection, I had a wonderful childhood, not wanting for anything. I don’t ever remember a time when I or my siblings considered ourselves poverty-stricken. But evidently, for a short time when we were very young, we were pretty poor by American standards.

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