WND Exclusive – The Dems opened the crazies’ box, now it’s too late to shut it

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

The left figured out decades ago that anger and division were their friends and the only way to prevail against common sense and an individual’s self-interest.

For decades the left has been able to just crack open Pandora’s radical leftist box. They’ve successfully been able to allow just enough crazy out while sitting on the lid of the box, thus maintaining control of their lunatic fringe.

The Democrats, with the help of their fellow travelers in the media, have for so long been able to control their crazies by placating them with endless promises and granting them a seat at the Democratic table, even if it is just the kids table.

But like the climate, things change. They must.

In their arrogance, their hubris, the Dems wrongly assumed that because they had the strength to hold the box’s lid shut in the past, it will always be this way.

Well, the box of horrors may not have swung open completely, but it has become ever closer.

No longer are the crazies satisfied with a seat at the table. Assuming they ever knew, the loony left has lost sight of the Democrats’ goal, to defeat Trump. Until Orange Man is vanquished, it will only be about Trump.

But, as I’ve written and discussed in the recent past, the crazies have something else in mind. And it seems the Dems and their media confederates have underestimated them and overestimated their own ability to close the box whenever it suits them.

It is known that anger is a bad motivator. The reason is that it wears you out – it takes a lot of effort to stay angry. We’ve seen this in past protests. People get angry, they march, they protest, and then the anger subsides and they disperse and go home.

Quite possibly this is what the Democrats and the media were counting on this time. But today’s rioters and protesters aren’t just blindly angry. For some, their motivation is not blind anger, but ideology. Others appear to enjoy the mayhem and destruction.

Now it appears that at least some in the leftist media see the tide turning.

Much to their credit, if one can call it that, the media are sounding the clarion call to action. They can see the narrative that they and the Democrats had crafted beginning to backfire.

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