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The Second Amendment Sanctuary City: a city where the mayor, council members and local law enforcement abide by the Constitution and follow the laws of the state and the nation. What a novelty.

At least they follow most of the laws. See, it’s also a city where the Second Amendment is interpreted as it was written and intended. Any and all weapons of personal self-defense are allowed in this city and the surrounding suburbs.

No weapons that are intended to or likely to cause collateral damage are allowed. No grenades, no rocket launchers, cannons, claymores, bombs, etc. No weapons that can’t be carried, as in “Bear Arms,” are allowed.

But even with the protections, the SASC must be a sanctuary city. There are unconstitutional laws currently on the books, both federal and in most states – laws like requiring a permit to carry a weapon in a concealed fashion, or laws requiring a permit even to purchase a handgun, much less carry one.

And soon, it seems, the Republicans and the president will cave to the emotion-driven wants of the left by banning bump stocks and “strengthening” background checks. And keep a watch out for legislation having to do with the dreaded AR-15 – the scary yet relatively small-caliber rifle that is responsible for far fewer homicides than knives and fists.

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