WND Exclusive – Rush Limbaugh’s Red-line Warning to Trump

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The world is a better place today. Now this may seem callous considering the latest mass shooting. Believe me – I feel for all who were involved and fell victim to that evil S.O.B.

However, that is a discussion for another time, when cooler heads might prevail.

No, I’m talking about my satisfaction to learn that one of my favorite conservatives for the past few decades hasn’t completely succumbed to the lure of the train whistle calling to all conservatives – the whistle that beckons us to shelve all our ideals and voluntarily lock ourselves in one of the Trump Train’s cattle cars. As I’ve stated numerous times – I like what Trump has done, but unlike some, I will never be “all in.”

For a while now, I thought the conservative movement had lost one its icons, as Rush Limbaugh appeared to have boarded the Trump Train. But after listening to Rush’s radio program on Thursday, I’ve been assured that this is not entirely accurate. Limbaugh may be on the train, but he definitely is eying an emergency exit.

Thursday’s Rush Limbaugh program contained a fascinating little snippet. And unless you are a highly trained broadcast listener like me, you may have missed it. After all, the whole thing took about 5-10 seconds. Even if you did hear it, you may have missed its significance – and it was significant.

Rush did a segment on disgraced White House staff secretary Rob Porter. He commented that the mainstream media were upset that the school shooting in Florida was forcing the Rob Porter scandal off the front page, as it were

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