WND Exclusive – Reality Will Trump Perception as Paychecks Grow

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On Nov. 29, the prognosticator website FiveThirtyEight announced that, “The GOP Tax Cuts Are Even

 More Unpopular Than Past Tax Hikes.”

“Poll after poll shows that more voters than not are opposed to their efforts,” wrote the website. They claimed that only about a third of voters support the tax cut plan, and that, “the GOP bill is one of the least popular tax plans since Ronald Reagan’s day.”

Well, at least Trump and the Republicans are in good company. You may (or may not) recall the left’s visceral hatred of Reagan. His tax cut and economic plan was also to be the end of the world, but actually gave us the longest period of sustained growth during peacetime and the second-longest period of sustained growth in U.S. history.

Maybe FiveThirtyEight should instead do a little research on how often the Democrats are wrong about pretty much everything.

FiveThirtyEight cited a Quinnipiac University survey which states that, “Only 16 percent of American voters say the Republican tax plan will reduce their taxes.”

Poll after poll continues, to this day, to show how unpopular the Republican tax cut plan is. The Democrats have done a heck of a job convincing people that tax cuts are just what Nancy Pelosi says – Armageddon.

Some would say that this is terrible news. The Democrats have been wildly successful at creating the perception that Joe Average will lose out once again to corporations and the rich.

However, I would disagree. It is actually great news, and could not have worked better for Trump and the Republicans if they had drawn it up on a white board.

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