WND Exclusive – Our wussy immune systems – maybe skip the hand sanitizer

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

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In the movie “The War of the Worlds” – the good one, I mean, the original – aliens, as is apparently their constant desire, attacked planet Earth on a global scale.

So, what’s so special about Earth? I guess it’s just better than all the other inhabited planets, because, you know, we keep getting attacked.

Anyway, these aliens, with their superior technology, were making quick work of our destruction.

Then all of a sudden, when on the verge of our annihilation, the alien ships inexplicably just began falling from the sky.

In the end, it wasn’t our firepower, nuclear weapons or tactics that did them in. It was a simple Earth-born virus.

This may seem farfetched, but it’s not. Our own world history is rife with accounts of simple viruses virtually wiping out entire civilizations.

Western explorers, settlers and, yes, conquerors brought with them to new worlds viruses and bacteria that were utterly foreign to other peoples and which their immune systems were incapable of handling.

Now fast-forward to today, and this is the same type of society we have been constructing for a century or more.

Allow me to explain by humanizing our immune system, for want of a better term.

Who is more likely to be successful?

The individual who never goes out? The one who just stays home, sheltered from the world? The one who doesn’t participate in life, who never challenges him or herself?

Or is it more likely the one who gets out in the world, who pushes him or herself and demands more of his or her mind and body?

Who will become stronger and who will succumb to failure?

There are a number of “old sayings” along this line: Use it lose it; practice makes perfect; and, of course, only the strong survive.

Although it most often refers to something sports or physical-activity related, this is sage advice for practically everything in life. Brain games strengthen the mind as much as exercise strengthens the body.

If you don’t challenge yourself – push your body and mind – you will never improve, never grow stronger.

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