WND Exclusive – Obama’s Culpability in Parkland Massacre

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We have to do background checks. We must expand background checks. The people want them; they’re the only thing that works. We’ve heard it all. It’s always the same leftist refrain. More government will solve our problems. Always does – right?

But pandering politicians are demanding the wrong thing. Of course a proper background check will stem the tide of unwanted gun purchases. But expanding an already flawed system will not fix the system. The background check by itself is the not the problem. It is just a stupid computer database. It won’t and can’t do anything until someone tells it to perform a background check.

And even then, the machine is only as good as the data that has been inputted.

Imagine a calculator. It makes even doing simple tasks like addition easier. But the calculator cannot do it on its own. Numbers must be inputted for the calculator to perform a task. Entering 2 + 2 in the calculator will always yield the same result: 4.

But if the operator of the equipment, the calculator, inputs the wrong number, the calculator will produce the wrong answer. No matter what we do to the calculator – change the batteries, use a backlight, enhance the display, or even add buttons, the output will always be incorrect. And what if the operator never inputs any numbers? Naturally, there will be no output, no answer at all.

This is what has been happening anywhere former President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder had instituted their bribery “Promise Plan.”

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