WND Exclusive – Obama’s cabal: What would they do to stay out of prison?

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

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Just how far would a powerful, influential leftist go to stay out of prison?

We on the right, who write and podcast on nonfiction topics, try to keep the hyperbole to a minimum – to not exaggerate in order to emphasize a point. But every once in a while you just have to dust off the old tin-foil hat.


To the left this is a common practice. Disaster is always looming around the corner unless you vote for the liberal, impeach those on the right or pass certain legislation. And if don’t, people will die.

And then there is the constant refrain that if Trump does this or that, people will die.


The common denominator is that people will die.

But in real life, looking at real consequences, desperate times produce desperate people, and desperate people are capable of desperate things.

What I am alluding to is the ever-expanding investigation of the Obama administration by Attorney General William Barr, regarding the railroading of Gen. Michael Flynn.

The question is what exactly these desperate people would be willing to do to prevent the worst outcome possible – indictment, trial, conviction and prison time.

It’s already been discovered that not only is Gen. Flynn innocent, but the entire Flynn case was built on one lie – and then one fabrication after another.

And those on the left understand that the noose is beginning to tighten around them and that, unlike the Republican political class, AG Barr appears not to be messing about.

Many have made claims like: This time we’re serious, and we’ll finally bring whomever to justice! But of course, as we’ve come to expect, it never happens.

However, it’s beginning to appear that Bill Barr, John Durham and new team member U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen may actually be serious about uncovering the truth about who all was involved in setting up Flynn, who gave the orders and who carried them out.

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