WND Exclusive – Let’s Compare the Candidates’ Families

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

To the left, Trump and his entire family are a bunch of low-down dirty crooks.

It’s so bad that the hags on “The View” couldn’t even bring themselves to speak Donald Trump Jr.’s name. That’s derangement.

Yet when doing a comparison of the Trump family to the families of at least two of his highest-ranked Democratic rivals, there’s kind of no comparison.

Trump’s family members are legit business people. They may have had an advantage from the outset, but they made the most of it and have become accomplished in their own right. Unlike many children of the wealthy, they didn’t just lie about and let daddy take care of them.

We can’t say that about the children of two Dem front-runners – Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

If the Clintons were the kings of get-rich influence peddling, the Bidens were certainly the princes. And for Joe, it really was “All in the Family.” Joe was generous to a fault – with other people’s money.

By now, we know at a lot more about the Bidens than we ever thought or wanted – particularly his son Hunter.

But it wasn’t just Hunter – far from it. And frankly, there’s not enough ink do this family justice. If you want a more in-depth discovery of the Biden family exploits, here’s a link to get you there.

Here’s the broad overview.

Joe’s brother James has been “with” him since Lunch-Box Joe first ran for Senate in 1972. But in 2010 – and tell me if this strikes a familiar note – James was named executive vice president of HillStone International, a huge construction firm – having no experience is housing construction. By sheer coincidence, the president of Hillstone visited the White House just three weeks prior to James’ hiring. Huh.

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