WND Exclusive – Leftist Cannibals Eat Their Own Over Warming

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Note: On its 20th anniversary this week, I’d like to thank WND for being a platform for the reasonable in a sea of the irrational and to thank its editors for allowing me a voice.

I grew up being taught, and have subsequently tried to instill in my kids, that you don’t take pleasure in the misery of others – that it is just not charitable.

While this is a great sentiment, and I think we all (well, most all) try to live by this basic rule, occasionally it belies our baser human instincts. Sometimes you just can’t help but crack a smile or feel a warped sense of satisfaction when someone “gets their comeuppance,” as it were.

Regardless of your feelings regarding President Trump, if you are conservative, you, like me, felt elated that Hillary Clinton not only lost, but did so in humiliating fashion. We should merely be satisfied that she lost and not revel in her anguish. But I did, and admit it – you did also.

I know it’s wrong, but there is little we conservatives enjoy more than witnessing the crack-up of leftists. And even more satisfying is when they turn on there own, which seems to be happening more and more.

Liberalism, meaning extreme leftism, has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who dares to stray from their phony revolutionist dogma. Of this, there is no better example than the religion of man-caused global warming.

I think we can all agree that one can’t get further left than those at ThinkProgress. Nowhere on Earth, except maybe North Korea or Iran, can one find a group of people less tolerant of any viewpoint other than their own. These are the Soros-backed, hard-left standard bearers who give no quarter to any liberal or organization that even hints of softening on climate change.

So when the site’s purveyors discovered that the New York Times, the liberal paper of record, “hired an extreme climate science denier,” they were beside themselves.

“The New York Times’ effort to stem the growing criticism they have received for hiring extreme climate science denier Bret Stephens is going about as well as United Airlines’ initial attempts to defend dragging a customer off one of their planes,” writes ThinkProgress.

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