WND Exclusive – Jefferson was not a slavery-loving monster

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Why do kids grow up to be gang bangers, or entrenched racists? Possibly because it’s what they’ve been exposed to – it’s all they’ve ever known. Why are there generations of welfare families? It’s all they’ve ever known. Why do people perpetuate strange habits or customs? They grew up with them. Again, it’s all they’ve ever known.

In fact, there are many strange and even abhorrent customs that have lasted centuries, and looking back at them through a modern-day lens, one can only think – how could this happen? How could people not only tolerate this, but consider it normal behavior?

Practices like human sacrifice survived for centuries, as did the penalty of being crushed by an elephant and ritual suicide.

Civilizations tolerated and even accepted them because, again, it’s the all they’d ever known.

Slavery, as awful as it is, was treated in the same manner. But unlike human sacrifice and death by elephant, legal slavery still survives today in civilizations that place a lesser value on some human life – but not in America.

Thanks to our founders, and their vision of a way out, slavery hasn’t existed for over a century and a half.

But today, some of them are getting a bad and undeserved rap.

Thomas Jefferson is a perfect example of this. For centuries, Jefferson was revered as the author of the mission statement of the United States – the Declaration of Independence.

Now, all of a sudden, he’s practically enemy No. 1.

And why? They say it’s because he owned slaves. “They” being the radical Marxists of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

Oh, and he was white, which is damnable itself.

It’s therefore easy to second guess or judge Jefferson on the subject of slavery through the lens of the 21st century.

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