WND Exclusive – Hey, lefties, ‘safety’ is not a natural right

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Cities and counties have defied the federal government for years, proclaiming them to be sanctuary cities, where illegal aliens have been shielded from constitutionally created federal laws.

This lawless behavior is seen as OK and is actually encouraged by leftist political activists, politicians and hacks.

On the flip side, “The City of Atwater has declared itself a ‘sanctuary city’ for all businesses, allowing owners to open despite the state of California’s stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic,” writes ABC30.

This behavior, however, is decidedly not OK – at least not to the left.

See, whether it’s legal, constitutional or simply a matter of right or wrong is of no concern to these leftists. To the average leftist it’s whatever “feels” right that counts.

But to the authoritarian statist politician or bureaucrat, it’s much more. A cause, whatever it is, is useless to them if it doesn’t advance their agenda. And that agenda is always the same – the desire to gain and retain more power and control.

So to their agenda they’ve added a new human right – the right to safety. And this new right is wholly and purposely unattainable. No government or anything of man can guarantee our safety.

There are many natural rights contained in the Constitution. The right to be “safe” is not one of them.

But that’s the point. As long as these dictator wannabes insist that their states remain wholly or partially closed because they alone deem it not to be “safe” enough to reopen, they retain their stranglehold on power. And lucky for them, there are still plenty of ill-informed citizens who haven’t yet figured out that this is a power play.

However, some have become thoroughly fed-up with the “safety at all cost” mantra.

Those like Atwater’s Mayor Paul Creighton and his city council understand that life in general is full of risk, and sometimes a good leader must conclude that the reward is greater than the risk.

The mayor and city council measured the risk of further crippling the city’s economy, possibly permanently, against the risk of, not an outbreak of COVID-19, but of major hospitalizations and deaths.

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