WND Exclusive – Hatred for Rush and leftists’ lack of decency

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

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Leftists proved once and for all what godless, unconscionable sub-humans they are.

The above statement used to be considered by many as hyperbole, but no more.

At the State of the Union (SOTU) speech, the Democrats and their mindless devotees showed the entire nation the true color of their collective soul, and it’s blacker than the darkest night.

Everyone on the left is whining that President Trump didn’t shake Speaker Pelosi’s hand prior to the SOTU. Well, first, neither did he shake Vice President Mike Pence’s hand. And second, watching the encounter, it’s likely the president didn’t even realize old Nancy extended her hand.

It’s not like the stunt Nancy pulled, tearing up the transcript of Trump’s SOTU speech, was payback for the non-handshake. It was planned ahead of time, and even calculated as to how many sheets of paper the old fossil could tear at a time.

These Democrats, the champions of diversity and people of color couldn’t even stand for the little black girl who received a scholarship to escape her dead-end government school. But of course they wouldn’t applaud that, as they are owned by the leftist teachers’ unions.

That’s almost as bad as it got, but not quite.

The worst behavior was reserved for conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, who just a day earlier announced that he was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, which, because of its tendency to rapidly metastasize, currently has a five-year survival rate of less than 10%.

Many on the right have a habit of making fun of leftists, calling them a variety of less than flattering names, as demonstrated by my “fossil” comment above. We call Adam Schiff bug-eyed, pencil neck, etc., pick on Pelosi’s constantly slipping dentures. I’m not even sure she has dentures, but that’s beside the point.

But one thing we don’t do – at least the reasonable right (there are dirtbags on the right as well), is cross the line of decency.

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