WND Exclusive – GOP is the New Party for Working People

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In the past, when someone described the “worker’s party,” they really meant the communist proletarian class: Marxist “workers of the world unite” and such. For capitalists and free-marketers, this carried with it a negative connotation.

But no longer. No longer should the worker’s party be decried as undesirable – for the worker’s party has a new home, and it is in the Republican Party.

It used to be said the left side of the political spectrum was there to look out for the little guy – the common man (and woman) – the vaunted middle class. But no more. Oh sure, the left still lends lip service to this ideal, but they no longer represent this constituent group.

In 2016, just days after Trump won the presidential election, the leftist Guardian wrote: “The Democratic party once represented the working class. But over the last three decades the party has been taken over by Washington-based fundraisers, bundlers, analysts, and pollsters who have focused instead on raising campaign money from corporate and Wall Street executives. …”

For all the years democrats controlled the presidency and both Houses of Congress, “they failed to reverse the decline in working-class wages and economic security.”

It is the right, the Republican Party, which is more representative of the working class; the proletariat, if you will.

Over the past several decades, the left has transformed itself from the party of the blue-collar worker – the Union guy, the middle class – to a two-tiered assemblage of elitist “haves” and the lowest “have-nots.” There is very little in between. They no longer represent the middle. And evidently, they no longer care if they alienate the entire middle class.

And speaking of alienating the middle class, take for example single payer government run healthcare , or more commonly known as Medicare-for-All.

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