WND Exclusive – Elizabeth ‘Woodrow’ Warren: The Scariest Candidate

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Woodrow Wilson

Elizabeth Warren

Of the top tier of candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for president, one may be scarier than the others, and it may not be who you think.

A month or so ago, I wrote that Kamala Harris was rapidly gaining ground, and I thought that she, as a black women, might pose the most problems for Trump.

This may still be true, but it’s not the purpose of this article.

Rather than just speculating on just who might win, I wanted to take a look at who may be the worst, most dangerous choice as president from the left – not who can likely beat Trump, just who would be the most damaging, should he or she win.

So just who is the worst of the worst?

Front-runner Joe Biden is a walking gaffe-machine and as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. But he may very well be losing his faculties, so if he wins, someone else will be running things from behind the curtain.

Bernie Sanders was the fresh-faced curmudgeon in 2016. But now he is just a curmudgeon – and an angry one at that. His abrasiveness is getting old, as is he, and won’t be compatible to governance. He has no shot anyway.

It’s Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxahontas, aka Elizabeth Wilson, aka, Woodrow Warren, who should scare us all. More and more, she appears to be the second coming of Woodrow Wilson – the worst, most transformably dangerous president in our history.

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