WND Exclusive – Does it matter what Reagan would do about Obamacare?

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For the past few days I’ve seen many articles asking, “What would Reagan do about Obamacare?”

It seems the discussion’s genesis was an article written by Avik Roy for the National Review entitled, “How Would Ronald Reagan Have Replaced Obamacare?”

Although I loved President Reagan, my knee-jerk reaction was, “I don’t care.” Obamacare is unconstitutional, as would be any “replacement” plan. As much as I respected Ronald Reagan – heck, I joined the Navy in part due to Reagan being commander in chief – if he advocated for any federal involvement in the dispensation of private health insurance or health care, I know I should disagree. Of course, that’s easy for me to say – I’m not president.

However, I was curious, so I read the article. Roy reviewed a book about Reagan authored by Henry Olsen entitled, “The Working Class Republican.” Roy wrote that, “Reagan’s views on health-care reform might surprise those who think of him as a libertarian absolutist. …”

Now, no one would mistake Reagan for a “libertarian absolutist.” If he had been, he would have rejected each and every federal budget that crossed his desk, as well as commence the closure of most federal departments and agencies – at least nine of the 15 are clearly beyond the purview of the federal government. And most of the money spent by the feds is on unconstitutional projects. So no – an absolutist he was not. Again, easy for me to say.

Roy continued by quoting a passage in the book from Reagan’s famous televised 1964 “A Time for Choosing” speech in support of a much more libertarian Barry Goldwater.

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