WND Exclusive – DNC dumps Fox for Debates — will RNC act in Kind?

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by Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Well, isn’t this rich. I’d like to say it’s like the pot calling the kettle black, but I’d probably be accused of racism.

After all the years of conservatives complaining how the RNC just caves to the demands of the various leftist “news” networks, the DNC, for good or ill, steps up.

The Daily Caller writes that the head of the Democrat National Committee, Tom Perez, issued a statement that Fox News is “not in a position to host a fair and neutral [presidential candidates] debate.”

The DNC “announced Wednesday that they are not allowing Fox News to host any Democratic presidential debates this election cycle, citing the network’s alleged ‘inappropriate relationship’ with President Donald Trump.”

Although I’m not certain that Fox will be all that broken up about this news, it is the DNC’s prerogative to deny them.

And it’s a prerogative conservatives wish the RNC should adopt.

There have been dozens of requests of the RNC to stop allowing the leftist media to set the rules when it comes to presidential debates, but they’ve never listened – as if Republicans were duty-bound by some sense of “fairness” to debate in front of openly hostile debate hosts/monitors.

Most of us recall the second presidential town-hall style debate in October 2012, between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Romney decried Obama’s slow response to the Benghazi attacks. Romney said it took Obama 14 days to call the attack an act of terror, when up until that time, Obama and his administration had insisted the attacks were spawned from a spontaneous demonstration. Romney’s claim was a demonstrable fact, but it didn’t matter.

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