WND Exclusive – Democrats’ Impeachment Roe v. Wade

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Here’s an odd question.

What do abortion and impeachment have in common?

Both are supposed safe and quite infrequently utilized.

Isn’t this what the left has been preaching to us since Roe v. Wade – that abortions should be safe and RARE?

I don’t know if “safe” applies to impeachment – probably not – but for sure, both should be rare.

But like abortions, I fear that the Democrats have opened yet another Pandora’s box.

The original “sales” pitch for legalized abortions was that they were meant to be rare.

Well, that sure has changed over the decades. Planned Parenthood took care of that, after Roe v. Wade was handed down in 1973. Since then, the “rare” promise has pretty much vanished from reality. And today, abortion is not only NOT rare, but is celebrated by leftist feminists, as demonstrated by their “Shout Your Abortion” campaign.

This latest effort by the Democrats may be thought of as the impeachment Roe v. Wade.

In the ’70s, I’m sure most would not have predicted how commonplace abortions have become, or that women would even think of publicly “shouting” their abortion. That thought would be chilling to most, and should.

But like every other leftist initiative under the sun, once the initial law or ruling or regulation is legally in place, they ramp up the severity or frequency or availability, or whichever applies to a given situation.

Whether it’s their original strategy or just a “happy accident” (h/t: Bob Ross), it always happens the same way. And I feel like a broken record, repeating the explanation.

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