WND Exclusive – Are you, too, a ‘Declarationist’?

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1864 Two Cent Coin

Memorial Day has come and gone. I hope you all sought out the family of one of our fallen heroes or at least said a prayer on their behalf.

Now we’re into summer, though not technically, and America’s next great celebration is on the horizon – that of our nation’s independence.

We in America, and certainly us political wonks, write and speak constantly of the United States Constitution. We may do so often that it can sometimes seem tiresome to listen to – even for other fans of the Constitution. Not that I hear this from my friends and family or anything.

Yet oddly enough, rarely do we “constitutionalists” refer to our nation’s original document, the Declaration of Independence. I am manifestly guilty of this.

Recently, I found myself in a discussion on Facebook regarding God, religion and the Constitution. That’s a nice light topic. Actually, it wasn’t as much a discussion as it was a gentleman, who claimed to be both a constitutionalist and an atheist, calling me out as, I guess, some kind of Christian zealot.

He was commenting on a podcast I did entitled (in part), “Atheist Files Suit To End In God We Trust …”

The podcast was about atheist Michael Newdow’s attempt to rid the scourge of “In God We Trust” from our currency.

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