WND Exclusive – Another Caravan of Political Pawns

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Another migrant caravan is on its way to the United States, and once again we’re told that it is not a political stunt.

Reuters reported that when the “caravan” left northern Honduras there were approximately 1,300 people. Since then it has more than tripled in size

Now the size of the caravan is estimated at 4,000 or more. It is being said (again) that these migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and probably El Salvador are fleeing violence and poverty and that this march, like the last mass migration last April, is absolutely not a political statement.

It is repeatedly stated by these poor “marchers,” as well as everyone on the left, that they are just trying to escape the violence of their countries.

However, these facts make this a bit harder to believe.

According to a March 9, 2018, article:

The biggest success story is undoubtedly the central American nation of Honduras, whose sky-high murder rates last year saw both its second-largest city San Pedro Sula and capital Tegucigalpa make the top five, sitting at 3rd (112.09 [per 100,000]) and 4th (82.09) respectively

This year, however, following what the Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security describes as “a commendable effort by the Honduran government to systematically eradicate criminal groups,” San Pedro Sula dropped 23 places to 26th (51.18) and Tegucigalpa fell all the way to 35th (48.00), meaning both cities have halved their murder rates in the past 12 months.

To put this into perspective, “Baltimore ranked number 21 and St. Louis was 13 on that list,” and “five of the top-10 cities on that list were in Mexico. …”

So it would seem the trek to the United States is more dangerous than just staying home.

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