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The Republican tax plan has finally made its debut. At first blush it appears pretty good. At its heart the plan is populist, but what can we expect in these times?

As one might expect of populists, it is geared toward the lower income scale, but does have a few cut-outs for the wealthier among us – and is certainly more business-friendly than the status quo.

However, we must remember that all tax legislation begins in the House, so this is just a starting point, and what we see is as good as it will be.

The bill isn’t going to improve from here out. It will only get worse – more watered down, as the Democrats’ long-knives predictably start tearing into it.

The Republicans are touting this as the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Actually, the left is doing the same. They are wailing as they did in the ’80s – that any tax cuts will only benefit the rich and hurt the poor and “working families” – blah, blah, blah.

We constitutionalists will continue to insist that neither is correct and that the Republicans are just less progressive than the Dems. But we don’t really have a voice in this argument – never have. This battle is strictly reserved for the favor curriers.

As a constitutionalist, taxes of any kind generally bother me. Oh, I know they are necessary to fund the government, but they’ve grown far afield from their original purpose, as our government has grown far beyond its intended scope.

Fact is, our nation hasn’t been the “Home of the Free” for well over a century. And I do mean “well” over a century. Before that time, we were only the “Home of the Free” due to the constitutional constraints of our central government. But as the government grew, our freedom, and wallets, shrank.

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